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Ghost Hunters International (GHI) Season 3: Episode 13 Recap

Posted on 04/04/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters International

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Ghost Hunters International


by Chad Alan

"Hell's Gate: Canada"


Lower Fort Garry - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Lower Fort Garry sits on the outskirts of downtown Winnipeg and was originally used to protect the fur trade in the area.  The fort also served as Winnipeg's first penitentiary, insane asylum, and as a training facility for the city's police force.  Many deaths occurred over the years, some from sickness and some from accidents, but others could not be explained.  Apparitions of children and older adults dressed in historic clothes have been reported by the caretakers.  The Fort does sit on a river and the buildings are made of limestone, all great conductors of energy to assist spirits to make themselves known.  Fort Garry is an important artifact to the people of Winnipeg and there is even a beer named after it, which I highly suggest grabbing a pint of if you happen to pass through the city.


Kris Williams and Berry FitzGerald headed to the warehouse, which also contained the main insane asylum where at least one man committed suicide.  Their EVP sessions seemed to create a lot of strange noises but they could not pinpoint where the sounds were coming from.  Two obvious knocks rang out when Berry asked for "a distinctive noise."  Joe Chin and Scott Tepperman would later experience a very loud scrapping sound that was audible to the viewers in that same area.  


Paul Bradford and Susan Slaughter did their investigation in the blacksmith shop where an explosion killed two men and now people are hearing the pounding sound of somebody hitting the anvil.  Paul fired up the stove and started pounding some heated metal to see if he could entice some paranormal activity.  A dragging sound on two separate occasions could not be ignored. Next stop was the guest cottage where a young ghost girl has been seen.  They laid out some toys for the girl to play with and hoped their cameras might pick up this activity when they left. 


The team did have some personal experiences and some of the noises they experienced did get caught on their recorders.  These noises seemed to come from items being dragged or dropped and this was enough for the team to say they believed there was paranormal activity occurring at the fort.   


Boston Bar/Hell's Gate Airtram - British Columbia, Canada


The area the team was investigating was very closely linked to the sites where a railroad was built and now, in this same area, a cable car system takes people from the top of a mountain down to the ranging white water river.  Thousand are said to have died in the building of the train system and people report hearing moans and screaming and seeing apparitions.  Women are having their hair pulled and products are falling off the shelves in the store.  An apparition of a man smoking a cigar has been reported multiple times by visitors.  The owners of the cable car system and bar believe there may be too much paranormal activity to re-open for the summer months.  The canyon area was called the "Gates of Hell" by an explorer who believed no man should venture into this area because of its treacherous terrain.   


Barry and Kris believed they saw an apparition walk through the dining room of the restaurant that they were investigating.  Joe had something grab his leg and Scott got a quick smell of a cigar as they were looking the reports of strange activity in the workshop.  Random smells of cigar smoke are common reports even though no smoking has been allowed for years. They would also see a white mist come into their area of vision and then take off.  Paul laid out a cigarette and a lighter on a table to see if the cigar man might be interested in a quick smoke only to notice later that the cigarette had been moved.  They were able to catch the cigarette violently move on their video recorder...again, it did not just roll along the table, it was physically moved back and forth. 


The team felt that the paranormal activity occurring at the attraction was not harmful to the employees or the visitors but there was paranormal activity nonetheless.



Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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