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Ghost Hunters International (GHI) Season 3: Episode 11 Recap

Posted on 03/21/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters International

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Ghost Hunters International


by Chad Alan

"Ghoul's School: American Samoa"


Atauloma Girls School - AFAO, American Samoa


Built in the 1940's, this former girls school has been reclaimed by the forest as it has been left for dead for over 20 years now.  The building, if you can even call it that anymore, looks like its remaining walls could collapse at any moment.  Evil spirits that touch, push, and posses it's former inhabitants and now visitors, seem to claim ownership of the rain forest like surroundings. Many young girls are said to have become possessed by the spirits and died while at the school. Their graves now lie unmarked and covered by thick greenery.  Strange noises are often reported and apparitions have been seen by those who come to visit the site.  If you ever plan to investigate the area on your own, bring your machete and plan to hike a mile or two and try not to get eaten by the 20 ft snakes hanging from the trees. 


GHI co-team leads, Kris Williams and Barry FitzGerald, were the first to investigate the lower floor of the building.  Both saw a shadow that seemed to walk along a wall and then disappear followed by a strange red light...maybe the red eyes of the devil?  Next stop was the grave yard area, were the children who died of possible possession, were buried.  A white apparition caught Barry's eye and then drifted away, followed by a growling noise.  A downpour started and you have to wonder if it was a sign for them to go away.


Joe Chin and Scott Tepperman investigated the courtyard area where a man who was illegally cutting down bamboo received a red hand print on his arm as if somebody was trying to make him aware of his wrongdoing.  Joe experienced seeing some red eyes staring at them but not even an animal was in their area.  Strange noises, audible to all, continued to ring out.  A black mass passed by Joe and Scott noticed the foliage moving by them.  This was followed by Scott feeling like he got an electric shock which shook him up pretty good.


Susan Slaughter and Paul Bradford did their best to edge on the spirits by challenging them to interact with them.  Something grabbed Susan, shadows started to appear, their devices began registering activity, Paul's camera started taking pictures on its own, and Susan heard a deep moan in the distance.  Susan was then grabbed again as their devices began again registering electromagnetic activity.  After this intense experience, they headed to the top floor of the building and Paul heard someone call out his name. 


The team had plenty of personal experiences while investigating the former school.  They did catch an EVP that said something along the lines of "go over there."  A video of the graveyard caught a strange light hover around a tree area and another video caught another greenish light that had been reported by the caretakers.  There is certainly some type of presence watching over the land so visitors should beware.



Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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