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Ghost Hunters International (GHI) Season 3: Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 03/07/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters International

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Ghost Hunters International


by Chad Alan

"The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France"


Actun Tunichil Muknal aka ATM Cave - San Ignacio, Belize


The Ancient Mayans believed the cave was the opening to the "9 levels of the underworld."  They would often bring offerings to the cave but, when times got tough, they stepped it up a notch and added human sacrifice to the menu.  The remains of one woman have been there so long that her bones have crystallized and she is now known as "The Crystal Maiden."  The chamber where she resides is said to give off very strange vibes to those that visit.  Tour guides have reported seeing shadow people, balls of light, and hearing chanting as if a ceremony was taking place.  This cave is deep in the jungle of Belize and the team would have to drive and swim through more than a few rough spots just to get to their location. 


Barry FitzGerald, Susan Slaughter, and Scott Tepperman headed deep into the cave where they all believed they were hearing a chanting sound, just like what has been reported.  It was not long after this that Susan heard here name called out.  Scott also heard the voice.  The voices they were hearing seemed to be dragging them deeper and deeper into the cave but they had to turn back as the water got too deep.  Apparently many people have followed the voices and never returned from their exploration. 


Kris Williams and Paul Bradford headed to an area called 'The Cathedral" because of its openness and stalactites and stalagmites spread everywhere.   Shadow figures are often seen in this area.  Kris did report seeing a shadow figure and Paul heard a noise coming from that exact area. Barry joined Kris in the Chamber of The Crystal Maiden and started an EVP session.  At one point their audio recorder got knocked over and neither one of them were by the recorder. 


Scott and Joe Chin headed to "The Virgin Mary Chamber" where balls of light have been seen and chanting has been heard.  Scott began asking questions about The Crystal Maiden and their devices started to register readings as if some presence was trying to communicate with them. 


Outside of the personal experiences, the team did catch some voices on their recorder but what was being said could not be defined.  The team seemed to enjoy the case but did not come out and say it was haunted.


Chateau de Fougeret - Queaux, France


Built in the 14th century, the mansion is under renovation by its new owners.  Renovations tend to be hotspots for paranormal activity and the paranormal activity seems to be linked to a ghost named "Alice" who died there in 1924 and tends to pick on women.  Alice's old room seems to cause a sickness to those who spend the night in the room.  People also report being touched in the middle of the night.  The current owners have actually taken a few pictures, with one showing a white mass and another of a woman on the stairs. 


Barry and Kris were the first to investigate the mansion and immediately called out for Alice.  A voice chased them into the dining room, but once they got there, Kris caught a shadow figure in the room they just left and wondered if Alice was playing games.  When they asked Alice if she would talk with them, their recorder picked up a very loud "No!"


Joe and Scott headed to the basement, which could easily be described as a dungeon.  A deep based voiced followed by something moving in the distance got their attention.  They got a response on their recorder when they asked "Alice, are you here?"  The answer was a low, drawn out "Noooo."


Paul and Susan went to investigate Alice's room.  Susan described hearing a whimper so they fired up their cameras and took a bunch of pictures.  The whimper was caught on their audio device.


There is paranormal activity going on in the mansion but no idea if Alice was causing all the problems. 


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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