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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 10/12/2011 by Gina in Americas Next Top Model

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by Mike Bandy


This week's episode began with Angelea saying that the other girls underestimate her, and that it felt good going from the bottom two the week before all the way to best photo. After her original run on ANTM, no agency wanted to sign her, but she now feels like she has a chance. Meanwhile, Bianca was upset that she has to be around people she doesn't like, she was dissatisfied with her photo and dissatisfied with her call out as well.


The first Tyra Mail of the episode said, "Remember, what goes around comes around." Before any of us could figure out what that meant, a very odd confrontation ensued.


Shannon came up with a phone list for everyone, where they all had to draw a number to determine their turn. Bianca got the last number. When Bianca went to Shannon to talk about it, Shannon burst into tears and said that she didn't want any conflict and didn't want anyone yelling at her. Bianca looked dumbfounded, and so did I. I didn't hear her yell at all, did you?! Meanwhile, Lisa got in the middle of it and Bianca told her to mind her business. The two ended up yelling at each other, and Bianca made the comment that, for Lisa, Celebrity Rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. Ouch.


The girls headed to Santa Monica pier, for an awesome runway challenge featuring a moving carousel and the Kardashian sisters! The show went really well for most everyone - Lisa had a great walk, and Bre incorporated a stumble off of the carousel into an awesome pirouette that wowed the crowd. Bianca looked angry on the runway, Kayla did well, and Laura was super cute, as always (Gee, can you tell who's my favorite?).


The winner was actually a tie between Bre and Lisa, and both won complete looks from the Kardashian collection. Meanwhile, Miss Jay asked Bianca who she was mad at, and she went off about how she wanted to punch someone, and that Shannon was giving her trouble. She also said that none of the girls deserve this as much as she does. Bre ended up having to block Bianca from Lisa, who had gotten herself in the middle of the drama once again.


Back at the house, most of the girls were talking in the kitchen about Bianca and how she should probably leave the house, but they didn't know that Bre was listening at the door. She ran to Bianca and told her everything, and then said, "The game has begun! Are you ready?" Bianca said that it fueled her to want to continue in the competition, but I think it just fueled a lot more drama to come for sure.


The next Tyra Mail said, "You'll get noticed when you're off the wall." The girls headed to Siren Studios for their shoot as different versions of Michael Jackson. Latoya Jackson was on set for extra motivation, and all the girls were really excited about that. The shoot went really well for everyone - Laura had the most genius moves in my opinion, but Bre looked really relaxed while standing on her toes, which is not easy to do; Dominique was fantastic, and Allison pulled off a great ‘70s Michael.


Latoya Jackson was also the guest judge at panel, where Bre, Alexandria, Lisa, Dominique and Laura were generally praised. Angelea was told that her shot was intense, but not really Michael. Kayla was inspiring. Latoya Jackson said that Allison's shot made her think of an innocent young boy, and I had to bite my lip to keep from making the obvious and tasteless Michael Jackson joke that you're all thinking of right now.


Oh yeah, and Bianca told the judges that she's a 6 foot, 120 pound challenge to these girls and that they're all intimidated by her. Oh, man. That's not gonna go over well.


During deliberations, most of the girls were praised, and that it'd be hard to make a decision on who to send home. Even with that being said, I didn't see this coming...Latoya Jackson got to make the decision of who would get best photo, the entire call out order, and who would be going home as well.


Here's what Latoya decided:
1. Laura
2. Shannon
3. Dominique
4. Allison
5. Alexandria
6. Kayla
7. Bre
8. Bianca


Angelea and Lisa were in the bottom two. Angelea was criticized for being inconsistent, and Lisa was told that her picture was not well liked by the judges. Tyra asked Latoya who should be eliminated, and Latoya said that her brother would have wanted to see both girls try harder...so NOBODY went home! It was kind of sweet and awesome, but at the same time...


Why let Latoya Jackson judge ANYTHING?!? Did you SEE her on Celebrity Apprentice?! The woman could barely pull out a challenge! Ridiculous! Oh lord, you're all gonna bash me in the comments...but tell me what you think anyway! Did Latoya make the right decision?



America's Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.


(Image courtesy of the CW)


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