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Most Eligible Dallas: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 10/17/2011 by Todd in Most Eligible Dallas

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Most Eligible Dallas

by Todd Betzold


Will Matt and Courtney do it tonight on the finale of Most Eligible Dallas? An hour from now we will now....this is going to be the longest hour of my life.


We start out with Tara and Courtney going to a spa for some floating, which is floating in water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt...these girls are such busy, working ladies. Tara questions Courtney's trip out of town with Matt soon, which Courtney denies is nothing more than just two friends going out of town together.


Drew calls Cody to try and smooth things over before Cody moves to NYC. He asks Cody out to dinner and he agrees to go. Drew is in "love" with him and wants to be with him, but made out with another guy at the bar right in front of him. Drew has a funny idea of what love is.


Glenn and Matt go out and throw the football around. Glenn is heading to Oakland soon to start training for the new season and to be closer to his ex. He then questions Matt's relationship with Courtney...over it already.


Drew meets Cody for dinner. Drew says he was an idiot and regrets it (but he never apologized). He tries to guilt him into forgiving him, but Cody holds strong and says he doesn't want to be around him and leaves him...woo hoo! Way to go Cody!!!


Tara meets up with Drew so he can be a hot, crying mess. They try and console him, but I have no pain for him...he screwed up, get over it cheater.


Meanwhile, Matt and Courtney are getting ready and packing for their trip away. Courtney is excited because this will be a time for them to remember what made them best friends in the first place.


Neill goes shopping with her mom because Neill's band is making their Dallas debut, so she needs to look good.


Matt and Courtney arrive to their destination and go horseback riding. They are so pathetic. They ride out to where his parent's cabin will be and sit and look out over the view. Matt just feels comfortable with her...blah blah....puke.


So, now Jody takes Tara on a date...to a restaurant in the back of a gas station. She is so disgusted. She goes to the bathroom to call her friend Daylon to complain.


Matt and Courtney sit around the fire and make smores. There is flirtation there and question why they have never slept together and she says she doesn't want to ruin what they have. Then the fireworks take place...a perfect night.


Tara thinks she has a deep connection with Jody and it may last a long time, but every date they are ever on just seems awkward to me. She is too bitchy and needy for him and for maybe anyone.


It's hot tub time for Matt and Courtney. Will they or won't they kiss? They do kiss and both say it was better than expected...they are such bad actors. They kiss again when he walks her to her room. Courtney is starting to believe that friends make the best lovers. Matt says there is clearly more now, but they each go their separate ways for the night.


Courtney finally admits that she is in love with Matt, but not to his face. It is all still up in the air with them.


They all meet up for dinner before going to watch Neill's band debut. They all joke about Matt and Courtney's weekend together and then make fun of Tara and her restaurant date. Glenn announces that he is leaving the next day to move out to California.


Neill starts singing and Matt and Courtney proceed to sneak away to make out, as everyone else watches. Neill was happy with her performance. Everyone says their goodbyes to Glenn. Matt and Courtney leave together holding hands.


The season ends with Tara calling Courtney to say that Tara's friend was out and met Jody's wife...yup, he is still married. Needless to say, Tara and Jody are done.


(Image courtesy of Bravo)


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