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Most Eligible Dallas: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 09/26/2011 by Todd in Most Eligible Dallas

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Most Eligible Dallas

by: Todd Betzold


They act like the like charity on this week's Most Eligible Dallas, but in the end it's all about the drama.


We see Tara taking the dog she rescued into the vet to get some work done and checked up to see how he is doing. After much work, he comes out a happy dog. Glad to see it.


We then see Glenn and his ex-girlfriend hanging out at his place. They talk about some guy wooing her in San Francisco before Glenn ever makes the move to California. An obvious attraction for each other, but not a time for them to date again.


Daylon, the gay friend for them all, invites Tara, Drew and Courtney over for dinner. They talk about each others love lives, including Drew with his ex Cody, who is moving to New York.


Courtney goes off about Glenn and his ex hanging out. She is very vocal about it and goes off about Drew wanting to get back with his ex. It turns very bitter and ugly and eventually Drew calls Courtney a bi*#h and a two-faced c#@t. Those are some ugly words to use Drew...if I liked Courtney, I would be offended, but since she annoys me, I'm fine with it.


Drew eventually apologizes for using the names he used and they work it out. Such a happy ending....how sad.


Tara meets with her friend, Amber Venz, who has designed a line of jewelry and all the profits go to Tara's charity. Since Tara loves jewelry, why shouldn't her dogs have jewelry as well? It's a no brainer. Oh, these people.


It's time for Matt to throw a charity event, to make them all look like they care about anyone but themselves. They all meet together to discuss his event and how he signed them all up to volunteer. Drew goes off on Matt about not being prepared for the event and how he has heard bad things about the event and Matt. They all think he is overreacting, Drew needs to take a Midol this episode.


Courtney calls Matt to tell him she saw her South African man, Mark, again, of course to make him jealous, It backfires though, because now Matt wants to do a double date to meet him, So, Neill and Matt will be joining Courtney and her new man....awkward much?


Matt comes to pick up Neill for the date and gets to meet her son, Major, who happens to like Matt...he is young, he will learn to not enjoy him like the rest of us do.


It is double date time and Neill calls it out behind the scenes when she says it is so awkward because Courtney wants to be there with her date....so true. The conversations these people have at dinner makes me feel stupid...these people are so special. It was both the men trying to one-up each other...such studs. They both go their own ways and end the night with goodnight kisses for all.


Matt has a tasting for his charity event with the whole gang, so he can get some input on his event to make sure it goes well. Drew is, yet again, being very critical of the event and doesn't want to lend his name to the event quite yet. He doesn't want it to be a vanity event for Matt, but it is actually something he cares about.


Matt and Drew talk separately about the event and Drew takes his name away from the event and another catfight started by Drew...he is on a roll tonight. He doesn't drink, but maybe he needs one to calm those nerves.


It's the night of Tara's charity event with the jewelry for sale. They are all in attendance again, with Drew coming with Cody. Matt apologizes eventually to Drew for the way he handled the other night and offering Drew a drink all the time.


We don't find out much about the charity event, because next thing we know they are all at Glenn's place to meet his ex before they go to a concert. Courtney confronts his ex to see how she was able to hold Glenn down for four years.


Neill and Matt are getting all close at the concert and of course that sets Courtney off. She doesn't feel Neill is the right girl for Matt, but of course because Neill isn't you Courtney. Neill and Matt kiss and Courtney decides it is time to go home. Drama between Matt and Courtney, but what is new there.


Most Eligible Dallas airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.


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