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Jersey Shore Season 4: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 09/15/2011 by in Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore Season 4


by Danae Young



This week on Jersey Shore, the roommates go on a road trip to an Italian beach called Riccione and Snooki and Deena get into a car accident. 


The roommates got work off so they could go on a road trip to an Italian beach. 


Jionni told Snooki he didn’t want to come visit her anymore. Who would say no to Italy?


They arrived at their hotel and the boys immediately went exploring on the boardwalk. 


Meanwhile, the girls went to the beach for like two seconds and somehow found themselves at a bar taking shots. Then they went drunk shopping – never a good idea!


Deena and Snooki were wasted and it was annoying Sammi and JWOWW so they decided to ditch them and go back to the hotel. 


Deena and Snooki found another place to go party and the guys found them and told them they needed to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Instead, the two meatballs chose to keep partying. 


Deena danced so hard that her bathing suit bottoms fell off! Ha Ha!


Everyone sat down for dinner and Deena and Snooki were both MIA. Everyone was starving so they ate anyways. On their way out the door, the two meatballs showed up wasted so everyone sat back down and waited until they finished eating. 


They all went to a club that night and Deena and Snooki couldn’t even talk in the cab on the way there. 


Deena managed to forget to put underwear on before going out. She kept dancing with her legs open. Enough said. 


Out of nowhere Snooki and Deena start making out. Even on the car ride home they continued to make out and it continued when they got home. What?! So weird!


They next day Deena and Snooki woke up not remembering anything. 


When they got home from their road trip, Snooki called Jionni to tell him she made out with Deena. He didn’t even care!


Snooki and Deena went to go workout and they crashed into a police car. Yikes!


Snooki didn't have her license so Deena had to call the boys to bring it to them, but they didn't make it in time. 


The police man had to be put on a stretcher and Snooki was breathalized and they were both arrested. 


Watch an all new episode of Jersey Shore next Thursday at 10/9c on MTV. 


(Image courtesy of MTV)


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