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Big Brother 13: Finale Recap

Posted on 09/14/2011 by Gina in Big Brother

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Big Brother 13: Finale


by Gina Scarpa


Welcome to the season finale of Big Brother, aka Rachel's Game To Lose. Why Porsche has a final two deal with her is beyond me because anybody who takes Adam to the end is clearly winning in a landslide.


In the first round of the final HOH competition, you may have hoped for an all night endurance challenge but Adam drops after 28 minutes and Porsche goes down 18 minutes after that. Another step forward for Bukie's fiancé!


In the second round, Porsche and Adam have to match players to the order in which they became Head of Household. That would be easy enough but they must move the players' faces through a maze underwater into the correct spots. Porsche hyperventilates her way through it but she moves quickly. Adam makes a completely idiotic move by throwing his goggles out of the pool and then realizing: woops. He actually needed them. Well, that just cost him the game. Oh wait, he had no shot of winning regardless.


At Jury House, Jordan makes the case for Rachel to win but Daniele calls her the ultimate floater. I have no words for the ridiculousness of that claim. Shelly says someone malicious shouldn't win half a million dollars but Jordan immediately calls her out for all the smack she talked in the house. Jeff says he didn't even know who Porsche was until Day 52 and Daniele comes up with a new term for Adam, a piggybacker. It's clear from the heated debate that there's a whole lotta love lost between these ousted players.


In the final HOH competition, it comes down to how well Porsche and Rachel know the members of the jury. They're pretty damn terrible at it - with only two points, Rachel defeats Porsche and breaks down over making it to the end of the game. Despite Adam's convincing argument to stay in the game (hey, he got me thinking Porsche may be a bigger floater than he was), Rachel evicts him and he becomes the last member of the jury.


When it's time to make their cases to the jury, Rachel apologizes for her hurtful behavior but pushes her strong gameplay... a lot. Porsche highlights her social game and insists she was strategizing and competing from the very beginning.


Before we find out how the jury voted, we check in with those not fortunate enough to make it that far - Keith, Cassi, Lawon, Dominic, and Dick. Dick calls out his daughter for singlehandedly ruining what could have been the best alliance in the show's history, and Cassi says she was surprised by Shelly's betrayal but thought she played a great game... she did?  Back to the jury members.  Shelly and Jeff have buried the hatchet but the same can't be said for Daniele and Jeff.   Those two really can't stand each other.


But let's talk warm and fuzzy.  We have important business to get to!  With 4 votes, Rachel is the winner of Big Brother.  The jury definitely made the right choice and we couldn't be prouder of our RealityWanted member!


Oh and fan favorite?  It goes to Big Jeff.  Was there ever any doubt?



Stay tuned to RealityWanted this week as we talk to the final three from this season's Big Brother - Rachel, Porsche, and Adam!


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