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MasterChef Season 2: Episode 13 Recap

Posted on 07/27/2011 by Gina in MasterChef

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MasterChef Season 2

by Todd Betzold


We start out with a new Mystery Box Challenge on MasterChef. Scallops are the main attraction in the box this week. The competitors have 60 minutes to create an amazing scallop dish, with the judges tasting the top three dishes.


Christian continues his cockiness/arrogance, as more and more of the competitors left want him to be the next one gone. Another seafood dish though, so Christian is feeling good about this one.


The first dish the judges choose to taste is Christian's dish, Scallop Succotash with Lime and Honey Vinaigrette. The cockiness paid off, as the judges said this was a restaurant-ready dish. Joe said it is an overall nice dish and Chef Ramsay said it had finesse and heart and soul.


Up next is Adrien's dish, Trio of Scallops with Corn, Egg and Cauliflower Puree. The judges said this dish was a triumph in plating and had diversity in techniques. Graham said it was not only a trio of dishes, but he felt like he took him on a world tour from South America to the States to Europe.


The last dish chosen was an idea that was so out there and bizarre the judges just had to try it, which was Ben's dish, Scallops with Roasted Bananas and Corn Salsa. Joe said it was not terrible, but he commends him for a risk well taken.


So, the judges discuss and determine that Adrien is the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge, which leads to some harsh, jealous words from Christian. With the victory, Adrien heads to the pantry with the judges and gets to decide what will be the menu today. The theme this week is pork and he is given nine different cuts to choose and hand out to each competitor.


After giving some of his toughest competitors the harder cuts to cook with, the competitors get started on their 60-minute dish that will make the judges squeal. During the cooking, Adrien is feeling both loved and hated for his choices for his competitors.


The tasting by the judges starts out good, as both Derrick and Christine nail their dishes, both having ribs as their cut to cook with. Christine is even told by Chef Ramsay she can consider herself a frontrunner now.


Suzy brings her plate up and changes the good reactions to bad, as Chef Ramsay said it quite possibly was the worst sauce he's ever tasted in his life. Joe proceeds to say that the show is MasterChef, not Delusional Chef and if that dish doesn't send her home, it probably should.


Jennifer continues the bad trend as Chef Ramsay said her dish was disgusting and was her weakest performance of the competition. Joe proceeds to throw the entire dish out, saying it is trash.


Ben gets things back on track, as his chili made from the butt cut impresses all the judges. Chef Ramsay said he was given one of the hardest cuts, but he made a great dish.


Speaking of hardest cuts, Christian was given the hardest cut when given cheeks. The cockiness gets worse, as all the judges loved it, including Graham who said it was a topnotch dish.


Adrien is told his dish was a safe dish and it was not the best dish of the night, but not such positive words for Alejandra, who brings up a plate with raw meat. She was given the easiest cut, the pork loin, so the judges were expecting the best dish from her. Not the case, as they couldn't even taste it cause of the raw meat.


The judges first announce the top two dishes this week, which will be team captains next week. The two dishes belong to Christian and Christine.


They then announce the bottom three dishes: Suzy (worst dish they've tasted in MasterChef history), Alejandra (served raw meat) and Jennifer (dish was not in the spirit of the theme today). Joe says that for these dishes to taste the way they did at this point in the competition is a disgrace.


So, having broken one of the first cardinal rules of cooking and serving raw meat, Alejandra is sent home and Suzy and Jennifer are safe for another week. Funny thing with this is the easiest cut got sent home and two of the hardest cuts are teams captains next show.



MasterChef airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.


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