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Ghost Hunters International Season 3: Episode 1 Recap

Posted on 07/13/2011 by Chad in Ghost Hunters International

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by: Chad Alan


"Rising From The Grave : Trinidad”


The entire GHI team from last season is back and the first show for season three kicks off in Trinidad.  During my exclusive interview with Ghost Hunter Kris Williams, Kris seemed very touched by the team's experiences while investing in this country and was excited for the viewers to see the grounds and hear about the many paranormal stories that that this haunted place incubates.


Lipinot Valley, Trinidad


The team had to travel deep into the rain forest to get to the Lipinot Cocoa Plantation.  The plantation dates back to the 1700's but it wasn't until Count Charles Lipinot, a Knight in the French Army, bought the plantation in 1800's that the land started to become cursed.  Count Lipinot was an evil slave master who stacked his workers into cramped quarters and beat them when they did not work up to his standards.  When the slaves were no longer of any use to him, he hung them from a large cashew tree in front of the main house.  No wonder the current caretakers are constantly dealing with the sounds of doors slamming, loud footsteps, ghostly conversations, and other strange noises coming from the attic above that that nobody will go up into.  On stormy nights, filled with lightning and thunder, Count Lipinot is said to arise from his grave near by and ride his white horse to the hanging tree only to disappear at its base.  Another strange occurrence noted by others is a free floating ball of fire that is seen flying through the sky.  Mythical tales often tell of a demon in the form of a ball of light feeding on the energy of humans.  Visitors have often seen a blurry face in pictures taken of others standing in front of various areas of the plantation, specifically by a cave on the ground that was not discovered until 1965. 


Team Leads Barry FitzGerald and Kris Williams started their investigation in what was used as a slave jail. Reports of noises coming from the attic are often reported down below in the area now used as one part of the museum.  After not experiencing much activity they headed to the cave and took a bunch of pictures using their full spectrum camera before the camera itself died out right after something caught their attention and startled them.


Susan Slaughter and Paul Bradford headed to the main house, which is currently under renovation. People have reported being attacked by something they could not explain, often while sleeping....or trying to sleep.   Voices come from the upstairs attic caught their attention.  They headed to the attic and spread out their equipment.  A door slam caught their attention and believed they were able to track it down to bathroom possibly being affected by an open window in the bathroom itself.  They headed to the cave and began hearing a groaning or growling noise coming from the darkest, most unreachable part of the cave. The growls were caught on their audio and did come after their questions.  As they left the cave, something grabbed Susan's leg, but nothing showed itself as proof.


Joe Chin and Scott Tepperman headed to the river to investigate the "Sequoia," which I'm sure I'm spelling wrong.  The Sequoia is the fireball in the sky that has said to appear as a woman, feeding of the energy of humans like a vampire.  As they called out to her, they began having technical problems of their own.  They did record a heat signature, an orange colored light just across the river and wondered whether they had truly caught the Sequoia or just a few animals that were looking to cling on to some fame like a Kardashian.  Kris and Barry would head down to the river and did have a similar experience. Joe and Scott headed to the grave of Count Lipinot and started an EVP season.  As they began their questioning, the dogs on the property began to loudly bark out of control and you have to wonder if they were experiencing the awakening of the spirit of the Count himself.


Outside of the personal experiences or items already mentioned above, the team did catch a very strange shadow figure on their video camera cross right by the path of Kris.  Kris had called out that she felt something go past her.  It was very good footage.  A camera pointed in the direction of Count Lipinot's grave caught a bright, round fireball of light hover and then climb up into the air above a tree near by....proof that people are just not seeing things.  GHI felt comfortable calling the Lipinot Plantation haunted. 


Ghost Hunters International airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.  HD channels offer different times for the show so be sure to set your DVR correctly.


(Image courtesy of Syfy)



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