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Ghost Hunters International: Exclusive Interview with Kris Williams

Posted on 06/10/2011 by Chad in Ghost Hunters International and Cast Interviews

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Kris Williams Ghost Hunters


By: Chad Alan


The 3rd season of Ghost Hunters International (GHI) kicks off July 13th in Trinidad and Kris Williams will now serve as the co-lead to the team with Barry Fitzgerald.  Kris moved over to the GHI team after spending the previous seasons as case manager and investigator for the original Ghost Hunters. The GHI team needed to help fill some of the spots vacated by former team lead Robb Demarest, Brandy Green, and a few other short term investigators and Kris was the perfect fit.  


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: What should we expect from this new season of GHI?

A. Kris: The team really busted their asses this season especially with all the team changes that occurred in the past year.   The entire team is back from the last set of shows (Barry FitzGerald, Joe Chin, Paul Bradford, Scott Tepperman, and Susan Slaughter).  We all get along really well and do hang out after investigations.  There's no drama behind the scenes thankfully, because the focus needs to be on the investigation.  The network is very happy with our chemistry.


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Is there an episode for this upcoming season that you are really excited for the viewers to see? 

A. Kris: Actually we had many interesting investigations that took us from Trinidad, to New Zealand, to American Samoa, to Ireland, to Argentina, and then England.  In Trinidad we investigated a plantation run by a French Count named Charles Joseph de Lopinot who was said to be a very cruel man.  Legend has it that on stormy nights he rises from his grave and goes to a tree where he tortured many people.  "Craigs Church" in New Zealand was surprisingly active for such a small building.  We had many strange experiences there, including a few earthquakes.  In Ireland we investigated the legend of "The Banshee."  Locals believe it's an evil spirit that looks like an old woman who flies around and is said to appear when someone is about to die.  She is said to wear a grey, hooded cloak or appear as a fireball shooting through the sky. 


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Did you go to any places where you felt uncomfortable bringing in a lot of expensive equipment with a full production team? 

A. Kris: The living conditions were rough in Trinidad.  As we went through the cities we saw small houses/huts built with some plaster, no windows, metal sheet roofs, surrounded by fences of barbed wire, which the people were actually hanging their clothes on.  A hose was their main water source.  The people were so nice though.  They were very thankful for what they had. 


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Who manages the GHI cases? 

A. Kris: Susan Slaughter is the case manager with the help of the production company when language barriers are concerned.  People present us cases and they do generally speak English well enough to give us all the information we need.


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Do you have a favorite book about the paranormal?  Have any interest in writing one?

A. Kris: I have a few.  One I'm reading now is called "Paranormality" which really challenges people's beliefs and experiences with the paranormal. I like it because, as the skeptic on the team, I appreciate the writers view but my own experiences allow me to challenge his explanations and findings.  Barry Fitzgerald has also written a book that I like called "The Complete Approach - The Scientific and Metaphysical Guide to The Paranormal."  (Co-authored by former Ghost Hunter Dustin Pari).  Barry has a more open approach to investigating the paranormal and isn't the skeptic that I am but he helps me see things in a different way.


I am planning on writing a book but it won't be totally focused on the paranormal. It will be more about my experiences on the road and traveling around the world.  I've learned so much traveling internationally and there is so much that doesn't get on T.V. that we experience.   A bit more of a behind the scenes approach to the show and life of a Ghost Hunter.  One thing I must say is that you really appreciate being born in the United States when you have a chance to see other places.  I know we're all dealing with economic struggles here but we have it a lot better then other people around the world in some instances.  One thing to note though is how friendly the people we met were no matter what their situation.   


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Ghost hunting.  Is there an App for that?  Is TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) working on one?

A. Kris: I don't know of any serious ones yet, just a few cheesy/fun ones where you can take a picture and have a ghost in the background. 


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Do you have a favorite ghost hunting gadget?

A. Kris: The digital recorders because the other tools (K2 meters, EMF detectors, etc...) are mainly used to debunk the paranormal reports.  There's no way to explain what you hear when you play back the recording. It's just there.   


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: How tough is it to stay focused during the hours and hours of evidence review?

A. Kris: Investigations are very fun and interesting.  Reviewing the evidence is the work.  If you start nodding off you have to go back and listen to the recording or view the tape all over again.  We take a break every few hours and sometimes you just have to get up and walk around.  You also have to train your ears to listen for specific things.  Knowing the difference between a machine made sound and something paranormal does take time to learn. 


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: What advice to have for those who are dealing with a home that they believe is haunted?

A. Kris: We suggest that people take time to figure out why something is happening.  Try and debunk the situation(s) first.  If doors are closing or slamming see if there is a vacuum being created by the closing of another door.  Start keeping a journal of when things happen...day, hour, month, and even make note of the weather.  It's important to not jump to conclusions before doing your own investigation.  People should even try setting up recorders to see if they can catch anything that way.  I've experienced scary things but never anything evil in my experiences investigating the paranormal.


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Being from New England area, do you follow the Boston Red Sox?  Is it possible to keep up with them when you're overseas?

A. Kris: I do root for the Red Sox and it is hard to keep up with them when abroad.  There is talk that Fenway Park is haunted and it has showed up on our list of places we may investigate.  When investigating in the states we do try and catch baseball games.  We've been to about 6 different baseball parks.


Q. Chad, RealityWanted: Any future appearances you would like to take about? 

A. Kris: Nothing planned right now.  Just enjoying the time off as the GHI schedule can be insane at times.  I would like to do more appearances because I love meeting people and love to hear from those who watch the show about what they like, what they don't like, and what we can improve on.  As a Jim Morrison fan, I do have a girl's trip planned to Paris for the 40th anniversary of the death of Morrison.  I heard it get's pretty crazy during these anniversaries and I'm also excited to visit the Catacombs.


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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