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MasterChef Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 06/07/2011 by Gina in MasterChef

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MasterChef Season 2


by Todd Betzold


Another day of auditions for judges Chef Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich as they search to find America's next MasterChef.


We start out this day with an emotional audition as Dustin, the pool boy from Orlando, tries to showcase his talents as a chef. With the Italian background, his mother was the one who taught him how to cook. Now, she is fighting breast cancer and he is doing this for her. Well, his mother was secretly flown in to support Dustin and surprises him before he goes before the judges...insert tears and the need for Kleenex.


Dustin makes a sausage roll with creamy marinara sauce. Chef Ramsay has a love for sausage rolls and Joe says that Dustin played to the judges' weaknesses by cooking a sausage roll. Chef Ramsay is the first to go try the plate and he proceeds to eat all of it...I think he liked it. After the other judges get a chance to try it, Dustin receives three resounding yeses and his apron.


Bad, bad auditions are shown, but then we get to see single mom, Christine, who needs a few swigs of the wine to help calm her nerves. Showing a lot of confidence as she makes a soft shell crab with creamy polenta and coleslaw. Joe was not a big fan of hers, as he said the polenta was instant and he thought it would all go together to make a great sandwich, but as a MasterChef plate, no. Graham voted yes, which leaves Chef Ramsay. He thought the soft shell crabs were phenomenal and gives the second yes to send Christine into the next round.


Even more bad auditions, including Jason who comes in shooting glitter out of guns and cheering on as he gets three nos and sent home.


Next, we get to meet pierced and tattooed Derrick, who makes a Potato Sopa with Chorizo and Fire-Roasted Salsa. No comments from the judges as they try the plate, but when they do share their opinions it is nothing but love for Derrick as Graham tells him he is what this competition is all about and Chef Ramsay tells him he is the one to watch. Bring on another early frontrunner.


Next up, Bob the farmer comes out and talks big of his farm and using organic products and proceeds to make a plate with nothing from his farm, which leads to three nos.


Jim, the martial arts instructor, gets voted down also, but then proceeds to flip out as he leaves the studio...flinging things, swearing, calling the judges pieces of you-know-what. Good thing he didn't use any of his martial art techniques on Chef Ramsay!


People often don't pursue their dreams and passions... Esther is not one of those people. Working as an attorney in a law firm in Los Angeles, Esther quit her job and is now pursuing her dreams of being a chef. She makes a Korean Spicy Braised Cod with Daikon Radish. Chef Ramsay says that it looks better than it tastes, but the attorney side of Esther comes out as she pleads her case. Graham and Joe are both impressed with her determination and see something in her and give her a chance and that apron she is looking for.


Next, we get to see science mixed with cooking, as Alvin brings in a homemade immersion circulator, which allows you to cook at a low temperature and water and all this other science stuff that was too much for me to handle while watching my reality television! However, Alvin plates Loco Moco with Braised Beef Short Rib with an egg on sticky rice. Graham wanted two mouths to eat it with and Chef Ramsay said Alvin is a freak genius and he can't be that creative and not work in the industry. Three big yeses for Alvin and an apron to move on to the next round.


The first battle between mother and son is up next for MasterChef, as we see Denise and Kyle battle it out to see if they can both grab an apron. Denise makes spicy green beans with sausage, which wins over none of the judges and receives three nos. Kyle makes Chicken Paprikash with Sautéed Spaetzle. Joe is not a fan and votes no. Graham says it is rustic and has soul behind it and it yummy and votes yes. Gordon says it is a ballsy dish to make, which makes him want to see more and votes yes. Son moves on and mom goes home.


Tony, the truck driver, comes up next and makes a Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Paella Rice and Mango Salsa. Graham warns that with Mahi, it can be easily overcooked, however he says that it looks perfect and Chef Ramsay agreed as he states the fish was cooked perfect. Another apron given out, as Tony receives three yes votes.


We see some random people get aprons before we see the last contestant of the night Alejandra, an architect from California. Having grown up in Venezuela, she makes Sautéed Shrimp with Saffron Infused Guinda. Graham calls it a balanced dish and Chef Ramsay is fascinated with how good she is with never being trained. Needless to say, three yes votes and one step closer to that $250,000.



MasterChef continues with auditions on Monday at 8/7c on Fox.


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