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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 06/04/2011 by Kristal in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

After several weeks on hiatus, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is back and ready to keep on fighting for healthy eating in LAUSD and all of Los Angeles.

While LAUSD is continuing to block him, he's focusing on Dino's fast food joint Patra's. He offered Dino $30,000 worth of top-of-the-line equipment and a chance to promote his restaurant on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, in exchange he just has to upgrade his beef patties to Jamie's butcher instead of the low-grade meat his currently using. While it sounds like a great deal, Dino's unwilling to change at all because he's worried his customer's won't like the change. He's completely resistant to change because this is his family's income and he doesn't want to risk it, even though this upgrade in beef wouldn't really change anything. And with that disheartening news, Jamie's done with trying. Dino, and probably most fast food owners, aren't going to change because they don't think their customers want anything better.

Having to give up on fast food, he's back in his cooking classroom in West Adam's Prep with the students. They've made enough food for 150 students and thought they'd be able to serve with the other food. LAUSD of course put up more red tape to push him out, citing that a non-union work can't serve food on campus to compete with cafeteria. So Jamie thought this was just the beginning and he'd be able to expand how many students he could feed, but it's looking like this group of 150 is as big as it's going to get and they're relegated to the back of campus by the dumpsters. Not exactly the best eating environment.

In a meeting with the parent volunteers at the school, Jamie broke down a little bit. He's just so tired and finds it so hard to even feel optimistic about his progress. The parents heard his heartfelt message, asking for them to speak up on behalf of their children, and he can only hope they will act.

I thought Jamie had given up on Dino entirely, but he's brought him to the kitchen to try change his way of thinking. Sophia from West Adams Prep also came in to share her story about her family and their struggle with diabetes because of their fast food diet. Dino felt like it was an attack against him, but that it's all a business in the end. It seems like he's completely unchanged from her tearful story. He's coming off as a total capitalistic villian in this.

He did an easy little quiz with a bunch of high school kids asking them where certain foods come from. He  normally does this with a much younger age set, but it was eye opening to see the results. 17 year olds were saying things like butter comes from corn, guacamole comes from apple, cheese comes from macaroni, and corndogs are grown. This is a smart, college prep high school and they don't know the basics of food education. They're smart, but they've just never been exposed to this information or even questioned where food comes from. One student had never even heard of almonds!

In his class today, the students got a treat by making sundaes with an whole assortment of candy toppings. Chellac is made from the secretions of a female black bug, and this is used to give candy it's shiny finish. Other ingredients in these candies include duck feathers, human hair, and so many more. There were 207 ingredients in the candies on the table. The students were gagging and wretching and stopped eating as soon as the bugs came out. Luckily, Jamie made real sundaes that had only 9 whole, real ingredients, and all the students got one of those to enjoy. The ending message: If you don't know how to say it, you shouldn't eat it. It's important to know what you're eating.

Back at Dino's, his chef said they should try Dino's burger with Jamie's beef to see if it's good. All it took was his chef of 10 years to say that he liked it for Dino to change his mind to improve. Now with the new beef, Jamie's equipment will be put in and he'll be able to talk on Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM. The grand opening was a huge success with healthier food and huge crowds. One customer, Frieda a Registered Nurse, thanked Dino one-on-one for changing Los Angeles one restaurant and helping to make this part of town especially a little better. While he's looking at the bottom line, talking to her made him feel better about this change and really affected him.

Next week, all their permits get revoked. Tune in next week to see if he's able to continue working with West Adams Prep.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution airs ABC Fridays at 8/7c.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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