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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4: Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 06/03/2011 by Gina in The Real Housewives

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4


by Mike Bandy


It's a continuation of the Real Housewives' Moroccan Adventure!


We started back at the party, and last week's assertion that there was another woman in Ramona's husband's life. It ended up being pretty anti-climactic; It turned out that the fortune teller was saying that lots of women look at Ramona's husband, which she was fine with. This didn't stop Sonja from bursting into tears, thinking about her own divorce and not wanting to see Ramona go down the same path. The two talked it out and then hugged it out, and at that point, I started to become disappointed with this whole conflict resolution thing that seems to be happening. Patience...


The next morning, with the help of a tour guide, the ladies headed off to Marrakech to tour the marketplace, but not without some drama first. Remember how stupid last week's fight about hangers was? This week's stupid fight was over a seat in the van. Luann asked Sonja to save her a seat, and when Cindy tried to get in, Sonja said the seat was saved for Luann. Cindy had a fit about it and said that the whole thing was high school, and we got to hear the word "seat" mentioned in the episode 17 times (thank you, Watch What Happens Live!).


In the marketplace, Cindy decided to confront Sonja about her pattern of trying to control everything, and Sonja backed away from it. Cindy would not let up, even as Kelly tried to mediate and smooth things over (who knew that in Morocco, she'd be the level headed one!). In the end, conflict resolution reared its ugly head again, and the women agreed to "respect each other." COME ON! WHERE'S THE DRAMA I WAS PROMISED??


After this, the women were taken out into the desert to be left there to d...oh, I mean to ride camels. Things seemed to be going pretty well at first, even though Sonja was too paranoid to get on a camel. Everything was great until Luann's camel tried to buck her off...twice. Her nervous wailing and look of shock made the women really worried about her, but it made me almost wet myself. Truly, this was a turning point in the history of television. The Countess being booted off of a camel?? Classic.


Anyway, the ride ended at a large tent where the women had dinner, and they were all talking over one another. Cindy needed time alone because she couldn't stand how nobody respected each other. It didn't really get more interesting than that.


The next day, the women went to an unbelievably gorgeous Turkish bath, where they all got scrubbed and plucked and all that good stuff. Sonja and Cindy used this time to make up (vomit), and Alex and Sonja used the time to talk to Ramona about how to talk to Jill.


Finally...the drama I've been (and you know you've been) waiting for! Jill and Ramona's inevitable confrontation began with Ramona telling Jill that she feels she's two faced, and maybe she enabled her to be that way because she's never brought it up. She was also hurt that Jill made comments at her vow renewal (hmm..was it a Tru Renewal?), and wanted Jill to admit that she wasn't nice.


Meanwhile, Jill blamed Ramona for throwing her off Scary Island, because if she hadn't, Jill might have been able to reconcile with Bethenny. The women brought up every little hurt they could, and then Jill said, "Until you apologize to me...we can never be friends!" and stormed out to "have a heart attack", leaving Ramona to sob uncontrollably. It was pretty fantastic.


Next week, Mario checks out girls, Luann puts Alex in her place (why?), and the Moroccan adventure comes to a close. See ya next week!



The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.


(Image courtesy of Bravo)


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