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The Biggest Loser 11: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 01/26/2011 by David in The Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser 11


by David McAlpine

Last night on The Biggest Loser, it was a trimmed-down episode that set up the climax of these last few weeks: the combination of the Unknown teams and Bob and Jillian's crew. No more weeks of immunity, no more separate ranches, it's all the teams for themselves.

But first, Ali throws in a twist: each of the teams plus Irene and Don (who get paired for the sake of the challenge) have to compete in a temptation. There's a giant box right off the gym loaded with the high-calorie, fatty foods that are each contestant's weakness, as well as everyone else's weakness food. Literally filled. Shelves of the stuff, taller than any contestant.

The prize: the team that eats the most calories will choose one team to send to the Unknowns. There's no clear consequence for it, but Ali makes it sound bad, so everyone takes her very seriously. However, if no one eats, that team will be randomly selected.

Marci and Courtney are first and they're adamant about not eating anything. Jay and Jennifer and Don and Irene also have no problem standing in the massive box o' calories and not eating anything. Olivia and Hannah make it through with a little wavering, but Arthur can't stop looking at that fried chicken. Seconds before he's supposed to come out, he eats 150 calories worth of Kentucky fried goodness because he wants control.

Normally, the claws don't come out this early (see exception: last season), but Arthur pinpoints the Green Team as the strongest competition, so he sends them off to the Unknowns.

During the workout time on the ranch, Jillian confronts Don about last week's weigh in, where he gained nine pounds. Most of the people watching this show aren't in the medical field, but it's pretty apparent that something was up that he's exercising with Jillian and gaining nine pounds.

Don, however, won't take it, and attacks Jillian right back. Of course, that's all she wanted: some show of passion. Next, our favorite trainer targets Courtney, getting her to work on her relationship with her mother.

A pissed Green Team meets everyone on the Unknown side before getting whisked away for yet another challenge, this time a reward. Thinking back to the temptation challenge, each group had to guess how many calories were in all the food in the entire box.

Once they thought they had a number (Jay/Jennifer on one side, the rest of Bob/Jillian's teams on the other), they had to put it on a giant board, then hoist it in the air 150 feet, where they would be told if it was right, or if they had to go higher or lower. Once a team got all 4 numbers right, they would win letters from home (either the 8 ranch people or Jay/Jennifer and all the Unknown teams).

It was a close race the entire time, but in the end, the Bob/Jillian crew squeaked out a victory, ending in their letters raining down from the top of the platform. Jay and Jennifer, instead, had to return back to the Biggest Loser Resort and tell everyone that they lost their letters from home.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

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