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Ghost Hunters Season 6: Ghost of Christmas Past - Episode 26 Recap

Posted on 12/08/2010 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Jason HawesGrant Wilson

 Amy BruniKris Williams


Story By: Chad Alan


Christmas Farm Inn - Jackson New Hampshire


The Christmas Farm Inn was built in 1778 and now serves as more of a bed and breakfast spa then a farm.  Some of the buildings on the farm were used as a Jail and post office.  More then a few visitors and workers have reported a female apparition, which may very well one of the former owners, Dorris Welch.  Reports of uneasiness and noises coming from the upstairs floors that were supposed to be uninhabited are also common themes.


TAPS co-founders, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, started their investigation in the building being used as a spa.  Noises have been reported coming from the upstairs, when no one was there and also where a house keeper has reported many feeling of being watched and also just feeling uncomfortable.  They heard some footsteps but nothing else grabbed their attention.  They headed upstairs and did not get any strong EMF readings that are commonly responsible for causing people to feel uneasy so they couldn't necessarily debunk what the house keeper had reported. 


Amy Bruni and new comer Adam Berry headed to the kitchen where a former chef reported a ghostly figure approach him and pass through him.  He would later identify the ghost by a picture shown to him of Dorris Welch who owned the house with her husband Dick from 1946 to 1971.  Both of them died in the house.   A loud bang on the wall got their attention so they started to call out for Dorris, hoping she was trying to communicate with her.  They were unable to make any additional contact with the spiritual world so they left hoping something might have been caught on their recorder.


Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango investigated the dining room area where an apparition was seen climbing imaginary stairs.  This spot was the exact spot where stairs used to be before being moved during a rehab project.  For whatever reason, Steve noticed that the pictures he was taking of the room continued to come out fuzzy with a white glaze on the picture while pictures taken in other rooms came out just fine.  They headed to the Carriage House Spa where both heard a sound like someone was running on the upstairs floor.  After a few more similar experiences, the noises stopped and the investigation was over for the night.


The team did capture a few of the noises reported in the kitchen and spa and also a faint EVP that sounded like a women.  Grant felt that the Inn may be experiencing residual hauntings and nothing that can really harm any workers or guests.  A residual haunting is considered a "non-intelligent" in which the paranormal activity goes on without any interaction with the living.


Old Stone Fort - Schoharie, New York


The Old Stone fort was built to be a church in 1772 but soon turned into a fort to protect the local population from the British during the Revolutionary War in 1777.  The fort was later used as an armory during the civil war.  In 1889 it was turned into the museum that it is today.  Apparitions have been seen in the surrounding cemetery but the most of the paranormal activity being reported in the fort itself.  Apparitions, footsteps, a women screaming, and organ music coming from an old non-operational organ on the second floor have all been reported.


Jason and Grant were the first to enter the fort, which still looks more like a church then a fort.  As they were investigating, Jason heard what thought was a giggle and not long after this event Grant believed he heard a sound like if someone had just sat down in an old wood whicker chair that was next to him.   They headed to the Tower to look into the reports of a "screaming women."  What they did find was a lot of evidence of both birds and probably rats or mice inhabiting the Tower.  It's possible that this screaming could be coming from the birds attacking the rodents who do have the ability to make a screeching sound.


Amy and Adam headed to the upstairs area of the fort area, where most of the paranormal activity seems to be occurring.  Many times they believed something was trying to communicate with them as strange sounds would resonate in the distance.  One piece of evidence that came out of their investigation was an EVP of someone saying "You", which could be in response to one of their questions at the time.  Another EVP heard was a response to another question with the answer being "No."


Jason and Grant again believed that the fort was experiencing a residual haunting.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.  Check your local listings, especially since the HD channels offer different times for the show.


(Image courtesy of Syfy)



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