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The Amazing Race 17: Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 11/22/2010 by Gina in The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race 17


by Sandhurst Miggins


Teams left Oman, on last night's episode of The Amazing Race, for the country of Bangladesh. Chad and Steph, the first to depart, immediately head to the travel agency to buy tickets. They are met by Jill and Thomas and they are all sold tickets getting them in at noon. Brook and Claire arrive and are sold the same tickets. Though they all have seats on the same flight, Jill and Thomas continue to ask for earlier options while Chad and Steph eat burgers. Their persistence pays off, and they are booked on a flight getting into Bangladesh at 5am.


Brook and Claire see Jill and Thomas receive their tickets and start asking around for earlier options just as Nick and Vicki enter the airport. The two teams end up battling it out for the last seats on a flight getting in at 8:40 am to which eventually went to the Rockers. Meanwhile, in anther location of the airport, Nat and Kat, the last team to be released, enter the travel agency and decide to head to Dubai to find a faster way to Bangladesh. In the end they end up on the same flight, getting in at noon, as Chad and Steph and Brook and Claire, when they all meet up in Dubai.


On their arrival in Bangladesh Jill and Thomas are met by a Detour. They must choose between carrying 30 metal containers of food to workers on a ship and then returning to the yard with 10 empty cans in "Balanced Meal" or they must choose to carry a total of 100 bricks from a supply barge to a work site using a basket on top their heads in "Balanced Bricks". They decide to do the bricks and make fast work of the task. After their task they come to the first ever Double U-turn, where not one but two teams can decide to U-turn someone else. They decide that Brook and Claire are too much of a threat, and to be honest I don't blame them, cause they are.


Nick and Vicki are the next to arrive in Bangladesh and they decide to do the Balanced Meal challenge. Their system is flawless and they get through the detour quickly. Vicki decides not to U-turn anyone because "They're already behind us." I understand her point but the truth is when it comes down to it every second counts in this race so pushing people further behind you is the key to success.


At the Roadblock, one team member must assemble a rickshaw from scratch. Jill surprisingly finishes the task in no time and the team is off to the Pit Stop for this leg, becoming team number 1. Nick is up next and he two manages to breeze through the task for them to get their highest placing since starting the contest of team number 2.


The last flight has just landed in Bangladesh and the last three teams are scrambling for taxis. They all decide to do the Balanced Meal detour. The doctors are first to finish and quickly choose to U-turn Chad and Steph. Brook and Claire are next to finish and are a little ticked off by Jill and Thomas for U-turning them. As usual Brook spends the entire 2nd detour trying to motivate Claire to move faster with the bricks. Chad and Steph on the other had are also mad at being U-turned. Steph like Claire is having a hard time carrying the brinks but soon completes the task to rush to the Roadblock.


At the Roadblock, it's a three-way race to complete the rickshaw. Chad is doing some major trash talking to the doctors to slow down Nat's progress, while Brook is in her own world decorating the bike. The doctors are first to finish and are off to the Pit Stop.


Both Brook and Claire and Chad and Steph finish at the same time and they are both off to claim the final spot. It's a close one, but in the end Brooke and Claire edge Chad and Steph out. At first I thought Phil would say that this was a non-elimination leg but that never came. I think Chad and Steph are happy with how their race went even without the million dollars.



The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.


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