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Ghost Hunters Season 6: Univited Guests – Episode 19 Recap

Posted on 09/08/2010 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 6


By: Chad Alan

The 1875 Inn - Tilton, New Hampshire

The 1875 Inn has had some famous guest including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.
Three major fires have broken out at the Inn and taken at least eight lives along the way.  A young girl named “Laura” died in one of the fires and has been reported being seen on multiple occasions.  Guests have been reported being touched, seeing at least two separate female apparitions, as well as, hearings doors open and close when no one else was around.  The team was also presented with a picture of what the caretakers are calling a “gargoyle” that has been said to appear in the dinning room.

TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson started their investigation in the Inn’s dinning room where the gargoyle-like figure has been seen multiple times, with it appearing to as many as 30 guests one night.  As they began their EVP session Jason believed he was hearing someone having a conversation.  They moved to the room where “Laura” died in the fire and began their EVP session.  As they were asking questions, they began getting a bang as a response to their questions.   They then heard a voice followed by the bed Jason was on vibrating on two separate occasions like someone was beating on it. They also heard some female voices.  The audio picked up a voice saying “Daddy.”  This might have been in response to Jason talking about his own family and children.

Amy Bruni and Kris Williams began their investigation on the third floor of the Inn, which is now a rented out residence.   The current resident reported a ball of light great them one night when she entered the apartment.  They both heard a voice, which when played back on their audio recorder, seemed to say “Help!”  When they reviewed the audio later, a male and female’s voice is heard talking over them but nothing could be made out as to what they were saying.

Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick spent some time in a room called “The Tilton” room, which is a room that “Laura” is said to visit from time to time.  They tried calling out to Laura and hoped that she might play the “flashlight” game, asking her to turn a flashlight on and off in response to their questions.  Just as Britt was calling out Laura’s name, the flashlight came on.  They asked her to turn it off, and the flashlight went off.  She turned it off and one more time before aborting the game.

The 1875 Inn is definitely a hot spot for paranormal activity

Shippen Manor – Oxford, New Jersey

The Shippen Manor was built between 1760 and 1765 as the living quarters for one of our countries founders, Dr. William Shippen, and later his son Joseph, who was to run the adjacent factory.  Multiple apparitions from a Revolutionary War soldier, to a young boy, to an older woman, have been seen by guests and caretakers of the manor.  Other reports are of doors opening and slamming shut, doors that had been bolted shut.

Grant and Jason started in the upstairs attic area where one worker reported feeling that someone was rushing towards him and then feeling a gust of air go past him, almost knocking him over.  As they were trying to call out the spirit, Jason felt as if something had just went running past him.  They continued to hear sounds as if someone was moving around the upstairs area.  They later revealed an EVP with footsteps being recorded right next to them.  Another EVP was caught saying something like “Uh, Oh”, which came right after they heard a bang coming from the room they just entered.  Jason and Grant headed to the parlor room and as they were trying to communicate, they reported seeing a shadow appear on the door.  They were up a level in the Manor and no one else was upstairs.  This is the exact area where a Revolutionary War soldier has been seen.

Amy and Britt did their investigating on the main floor and, as they were talking, something like a light went flying past them.  They hoped to make more contact but nothing was communicating with them.  Kris then joined Amy and as they were trying to do an EVP session, they heard some sounds coming from the downstairs so they headed in that direction. They described it as “wood on wood” as if someone was banging items together.  No more contact was made.

Based on the teams personal experiences and evidence retrieved, there is definitely paranormal activity going on at the Shippen Manor.

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.  Check your local listings, especially

since the HD channels offer different times for the show.

(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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