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Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch - Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 08/23/2010 by Jackie in Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

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By Jackie Helm


Last night on Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, the final four arrived to their lavish hotel suite at the Marriott in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Chad needed the girls close to him as training camp had begun!  He joined the girls in their room and complained of his sore muscles.  The least he could have done was disrobed so that we could see exactly what he was talking about!


Each girl had solo time with Chad.  Tara was first and he whisked her away…back to his hotel room!  He ordered her into a bikini and then into a steaming hot bath tub.  I noted that Tara doesn’t seek physical or passionate engagement with Chad the way the other girls do.  This reiterated the obvious; she’s not really feeling him.  Their time together was dull as Tara mostly complained about the waters’ temperature.  Chad claimed to not know whether Tara was being funny or being a brat.  How about - she is a waste of a contestant because she doesn’t even like you Chad!


Chad and Tara moved on to lunch at a restaurant where Brittany awaited.  Tara cracked jokes about her steamy, hot alone time with Chad, but she wasn’t fooling anyone.  After like 5 minutes at the restaurant (remember that’s his time limit), he took Brittany away for her solo time, leaving Tara at the table.  Tara’s only concern was that she didn’t have to foot the bill.


Chad took Brittany back to his room as well.  They did in fact engage passionately and then Brittany took the physical action to another level.  She blind folded Chad, changed into a two piece maids outfit and gave him a hot little lap dance.  This was odd since last week she wouldn’t even kiss him.  But when they did kiss, it wasn’t for long.  I think Brittany may be a little suspect along with Tara.  And to that I say – what the heck is wrong with these girls?


Rubi’s date consisted of a decked out little, hillside picnic, with a beautiful view of the city.  The conversation was a little dry, which she fixed with swapping spit and said that they have unspoken electricity.  They went on to dinner where Tiphani awaited.  Tiphani had already had a few shots before their arrival and went on to have a couple more.  But luckily she didn’t hit the floor; however, she did hit the sheets.  Chad took Tiphani back to his room where flower petals adorned the bed.  Tiphani’s liquid courage helped her and Chad’s friendship go to the next level!  It was about as hot as dry humping could be.


In the midst of all this love, each girl met with a Sports Psychologist.  She asked if they had ever dated an athlete, how they thought they could handle the pressure, and about their own personal life goals.  Rubi and Tiphani did well, Brittany spilled the beans and Tara was just outright rude.  Tara didn’t take the session seriously and cracked her way through the questions.  


The psychologist synopsis was that Rubi was passionate and genuine, but could be too trusting.  Tiphani was deemed the most independent which could be considered good and/or bad.  She said that Brittany was strong, but there was concern over her son’s fathers’ input in this whole thing.  The psychologist said that it was antagonizing to talk to Tara who of course wasn’t serious. Enough said.  Chad was fed up with funny girl Tara.    He demanded that the producers show him the video of her session with the psychologist!


The Eliminations took place at the home of the Cincinnati Bengals, the Paul Brown Stadium.  The girls graced Chad as he stood extra seriously beside a TV in the middle of the field.  He played part of Tara’s psych session where she gasped about Chad having 4 kids and joked that she was currently pregnant.  He was soooo mad…right?  WRONG, he kept her anyway.  And in fact, he kept all of the girls.  Next week they are going to Miami!


Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch airs Sundays at 9/8c on VH1.


(Image courtesy of VH1)


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