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Vh1 Bridal Bootcamp Episode 7 Recap – Weight Loss Takes a Backseat to Winning their Fiancés

Posted on 07/21/2010 by RealityWanted in Bridal Bootcamp

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Vh1 Bridal Bootcamp

by Bonnie Pfiester

In the 7th episode, Melissa immediately starts to attempt to form an alliance with Amberly against Jamie, since Jamie appeared to be the biggest threat to both of them.  I got a little nervous at first, fearing Amberly might join forces with the final Green Bridal Party member, but was relieved to find out Amberly wasn’t going to jump on that bandwagon. Amberly’s responds, “If I form an alliance with Melissa, will I sleep well at night? No!” Her decision is made.

The final 3 get the invitation to the next Marital Mission. Even if Melissa had formed and alliance, Cynthia informs the brides ‘every woman for herself’ and there will be no advantages and no need for alliances. Good for Amberly for sticking by Jamie’s side, as it wouldn’t have paid off anyway.

The girls face Cynthia and their trainers, dressed in black representing their neutral position. The trainers then toss walkie-talkies in each of their hands and their fiancés bust out over the speakers. The brides freak out as they realize their sweethearts are on location. Tears start flowing and a bunch of mushy, almost unrecognizable words come from the brides as they try to express their love through their tears. I was totally digging this.

The Marital Mission was going to be much more intense as each girl knew they had a chance of seeing their future husband if they won. Each bride was to take instructions from their fiancés as they walked their future wife through each station.  The winning bride would get a night with their fiancé and a guaranteed spot in the final two for a strong chance at their dream wedding. Talk about stress!!

The whole challenge was hard to watch, and equally hard to follow, as they were all at different stations going as fast as they could. At first it seemed pretty even, then Amberly’s pontoon got stuck and Jamie answered one of the trivia questions wrong, forcing her do extra sit-ups, which set them both back. Melissa, on the other hands, seemed focused and in tune with her fiancé Billy.

Each girl gets to the final station and races toward the barracks where their fiancé’s await. When Jamie arrives she discovers the door is locked and realizes someone beat her to the punch. Melissa had already made it and was embracing Billy while Jamie and Amberly were left locked outside, crushed, and feeling like they let down their men.

While Melissa gets a romantic date with Billy, the other fiancés are flown home and two final girls from the Blue Team prepare for the fitting room. I could tell this was going to be one of the most stressful weigh-ins.

The bell rings and Amberly and Jamie walk the red carpet to face Cynthia Conde and their trainer, Steve. Each bride pleads for her chance to stay, then all eyes are on Steve. Steve clearly is upset and breaks down as he tries to come up with an answer of who should go home. I think he might as well drawn straws because it was obvious this was no easy task. If he didn’t have trouble with this one, there would be no tears.

In the end Cynthia Conde sends Jamie home leaving Melissa and Amberly to compete for their dream wedding. Wait a minute! There’s a twist!! The next episode isn’t going to be at camp – each bride is being sent home to continue losing weight on their own? Good luck girls! Their results will be revealed in the finale episode.


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