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Robert Galinsky’s Reality Wanted Episode 29 Show Re-Cap “Big Brother 11”, “Millionaire Matchmaker” and Live Auditions for “What If” right on the Show!

Posted on 06/25/2010 by RealityWanted in Radio

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RealityWanted Radio

Episode 29, on “Robert Galinsky's Reality Wanted”, talk of the hour was TV personality; what’s needed to stand out and become the next TV star? Robert Galinsky, the founder and Principal of the New York Reality TV School http://www.newyorkrealitytvschool.com gave his must-haves to TV personalities which included confidence, authenticity, and knowing your specific story and making sure that story gets told. David Carlos, a student from Robert Galinsky’s Reality school, called in fresh from the set of the Bravo hit show, Millionaire Matchmaker. He was cast and shot on Wednesday and we got a first hand account of his experience on set!

Guests included the “Off-beats” of Big Brother 11, Kevin Campbell and Lydia Tavera. The “Besties” called in at the top of the hour with what made them stick out on Big Brother. “Gold-Star” Kevin mentioned that his sexuality was a major part of his story and helped him have a dominate personality on the show while “Tattooed off-beat” Lydia said her craziness and confidence was her stand out personality trait that helped lead her to the finals. Writer, Allison Nowacki from the blog Not Here to Make Friends also chimed in to give her thoughts on reality TV and TV personalities. Visit her blog at http://notmakefriends.wordpress.com.

Best Friends Lydia Tavera and Kevin Campbell also mentioned their new web show Pop Talk Web Show that will be premiere, June 24, 2010 with special guest Renny Martyn from Big Brother 10. The show will be covering everything about Pop culture from fashion and music to reality shows and “small pop”, smaller cultures that may go by unnoticed. For more information visit http://www.poptalkwebshow.com.

Terence Noonan Supervising Producer of Dr. Oz and Producer of TLC’s Georgetown Cupcakes also called in to continue with the night’s theme of what makes a TV Personality. Terence gave a good suggestion, simply “Show-up!” No matter what, show-up, if you’re offered and opportunity make sure to show-up! Later, Bonnie Pfeister of Bridal Bootcamp called in with her advice as well.

 To end off the hour, Cody-Ann Palmer of the New York Reality TV School gave a critique update on Oprah Winfrey’s new OWN network contest. Cody-Ann pointed out that one of the more popular pitches, The Classroom Closet from Dr. Phillis, had one thing all reality shows need, “Reality Ability”, the authenticity and ability to be real.

Geo Geller of the http://www.140conf.com opened up the second hour of the show and spoke about the efficiency of writing in 140 characters, followed by Randy Bernstein of CastingDuo.com who did an on-air audition with Alicia Nieves. Randy pointed out what he liked about her answers and why he would choose to send her to another round of interviews. Randy is now Casting Women for new show, What If, to date someone they may know or have had a run-in with from their past. To apply go to realitywanted.com. Randy is also promoting for another Bravo show Cook or Quit  where he is looking for five chefs to compete in cooking challenges. They will have the opportunity to win $2,500. We were also joined by Isabelle Dungan of http://www.instantcast.com. Isabelle gave us her opinion on casting going viral and how casting and working on getting her own show is going thus far.

Tune in next Wednesday 6-8pm EST for Robert Galinsky's Reality Wanted online radio! Listen in at http://www.realitywanted.com/radio and call in to talk to them live 877.242.8212!


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