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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains - Sandhurst's Finale Experience

Posted on 05/21/2010 by Gina in Survivor and Reality Writers

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains


by Sandhurst Tacama Miggins


I had the privilege and honor to represent RealityWanted on the red carpet at the finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, held at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. My partner in crime for the event was former Survivor cast member and Realitywanted contributor, Ashley Trainer. It was clear from the moment I met Ashley that I was in for a fun night, as her warm and bubbly personality provided me the perfect guide into the inside world of Survivor.


Ashley and I stopped by the theater to get our press credentials we went to the Dream Hotel, the location of the viewing party, as well as the site for the after party. At the hotel, we were instantly met by former Survivors Terry Dietz from Survivor: Panama, and Billiy Garcia from the Survivor: Cook Islands. A plethora of reality stars were also in attendance.


The room held it's breath for Colby, hoping he would be able to manage to salvage some part of his legacy in the second to last challenge, but we all were, like most people, not surprised that he was booted out next. With the final three selected we all burst out in a series of "Oh, no she didn't!" when Sandra burnt Russell's hat and I had to let out one of my signature "Oh snap!" when Pavarti called Russell "her pet," during the tribal council. I could definitely sense a pro Sandra Vibe in the room.


After Sandra was named the winner, Ashley and I headed to the theater to find our spot on the red carpet and watch the reunion special. When it was over, the final five were ushered onto the carpet to be interviewed by the media. Our first interviewee of the night was the original hero, the cowboy from Texas, Colby. It was painfully obvious that he not only disliked this season's portrayal but also his final five cast mate Russell, saying "I wish they hadn't shown so much Russell, only because it took away from so much other strategy going on, so many other great players that truly do deserve the fans to see how good they are, at playing the game, and yet it was all about Russell and it's just disgusting for a bad human being to get so much play."


Colby later went on to elaborate on his thoughts of the change in Survivor, stating that the game had gotten a lot more aggressive than in his other two seasons. He also mentioned how the continuing reappearance of the hidden immunity idol in the game has changed the way Survivor was played for the worse, a sentiment, his fellow hero Stephenie, had also expressed to me later on at the after party.


The action continued as our next Survivor was in fact Russell's true nemesis and winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Sandra. When we asked the newly crowned queen about Russell's game play, she had to point out to us that his claim that "he dragged all of them to the final three" was a bit delusional, saying, "There were a lot of times I wanted him to go home but he was protected by Jerri, Danielle, and Pavarti. If any of those girls were to ever have given him up, he would have gone home, but they protected him. That's what he doesn't understand. He was a goat. Pavarti said he was her pet dragon. She had him by a string...so don't get it twisted these girls took care of you, that's the only reason you went to the end."  When asked about her own gameplay, Sandra said, "I'm versatile, I adjust. I've taken things from every season, every player, do's and don'ts and I make my winning combination."


Jerri and Pavarti seemed to be the only rays of sunshine on the red carpet. Jerri was truly happy with the way she played the game, as well as the way she was portrayed. Her strategy this season? "I remained malleable and flexible at all time. I was in it for myself. I was in it for a million bucks, not for tv time or to be the center of attention. I had already gotten that from my first time on Survivor." She decided to take, as she would describe, the more controversial passive approach this season stating, "Everyone was being so cutthroat and outplaying themselves from the day they arrived so I decided to step back and let them come to me. I took things moment to moment without thinking too far ahead."


When we met Parvati, she seemed to accept the verdict, saying that she was indeed happy for Sandra to win the million dollars. Why did she think she lost it in the end? "A lot of people that I played with before didn't want to see me win again. It was just a lot of bitterness." Though Pavarti may be the Survivor with the most days in the game, she later went on to say that her Survivor reign was over and that she would not be returning in the future.


Interviewing Russell was proving to be a challenge because as soon as he saw his former Survivor: Samoa cast mate at my side he refused to answer any questions unless she herself had asked them. It was clear that Russell's domineering personality was not an act. "I will never change my game play cause that's who I am and judging by America, they like how I play. I don't play to win I play for America," he told us.


For the rest of the night, Ashley and I proceeded to mingle with the cast, crew, and friends of Survivors, both present and past. Some Survivor interactions I had included an extremely interesting conversation with Coach about the upcoming soccer World Cup, where he disclosed his hope that an African country would take it all. Sandra candidly informed me that she was planning on writing a book on how to make two million dollars, seeing she had now become an expert on doing it. Stephenie and I made plans for me to dine at her restaurant.


We had a good laugh about it but James and I, the two tallest black men in the room, showed up to the event wearing the exact same black pant/black v-neck combination. Surprisingly, the man of the night was not Russell, but Boston Rob. There was an increasingly long line of fans waiting to meet and take pictures with him.


For me, the best part of the evening was being able to meet and hang out with Ashley Trainer. We were both genuinely excited and elated to be there and to be given the opportunity to report about the event. She made it easy to have fun in the fast-paced and sometimes nerve wrecking world of the red carpet and continued to maintain a positive disposition even in the face of the man who orchestrated her exit from Survivor: Samoa, Russell Hantz. It was truly a pleasure to be able to experience the finale with her and I thank both Ashley as well as RealityWanted for the opportunity to again be a part of the culmination of an amazing show.



Follow Sandhurst at twitter.com/sandhursttacama and Ashley at twitter.com/asheetrain


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