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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains - Episode 13 Recap

Posted on 05/14/2010 by Gina in Survivor

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains


by Gina Scarpa


Last night, on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Parvati started to worry that she was losing her grip on the game after her right hand woman, Danielle, was blindsided at tribal council. If it's not Parvati stressing out about running this game, it's Russell. If it's not Parvati making a big move or power play, it's Russell. One of them needs to take the other one out - stat.

A box shows up at tree mail with a new Sprint phone inside, containing their clue. They must be so deprived of technology that they were twitching at the sight of it. The phone has videos loaded onto it from their loved ones which means that whoever wins this reward challenge is going to get to spend some time with someone from back home. For their reward challenge, the contestants and their family members will compete together, throwing buckets of water to one another in order to fill up another bucket. The first one to do that wins.


Right off the bat, Colby struggles and blames everything and screams at his older brother. Jerri and her sister get into a nice rhythm and Russell and his wife are right there in it, too. Sandra pushes hard to win because she wants to spend time with her uncle, who she grew very close to after her mother died last year. Jerri pulls off the win and can bring two people and their loved ones with her to see some Samoan geysers - which is a lot cooler than it sounds. She takes Parvati and Sandra, which prompts Russell to pitch a hissy fit and throw a target for no reason on Jerri's back.


The boys say goodbye to their family members and head back to camp to form a semi-solid final three deal. I mean, at this point, what other choice do Colby and Rupert have? They're dead men walking.


At the immunity challenge, players needed a good sense of balance, patience, focus, and arm strength in order to win. The balanced poles on the tops of their hands and if they fell, they were out. Guess who lasted 15 seconds in the challenge? Did you say Colby? Yup. It all came down to Parvati and Rupert, and seriously, I have never seen a person sweat as much as he does at these challenges. Parv pulls off another win and every other player must be wondering why the hell they've let her get as far as she has.


Back at camp, Sandra tries to make a move to take Russell out but a scared, spineless Rupert goes running back to Russell to share that plan. Russell confronts Sandra who tells him straight out that she is against him and then she and Parvati mock and irritate him almost to the point of him snapping.


At tribal council, comments are made regarding Sandra's position in the alliance that makes her uneasy so she plays her hidden immunity idol that on one even know she had. Brilliant! The two votes against her by Colby and Russell are null and void. The villains stick together and send Rupert packing to join the jury.



Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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