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Private Chefs of Beverly Hills: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 05/03/2010 by Chandra in Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

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Private Chefs of Beverly Hills


by Chandra Clewley



This week’s episode of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills gives us three more parties for the folks of Big City Chef’s.

The first party is a denim launch for Vintage One Jeans. The two clients are American Brian and French Philippe. The two chefs assigned to the party are Chef Stuart and Chef Jesse. After staying on the phone for 10 minutes, while the chefs wait, Brian is adamant that he wants something vintage, American, Rock and Roll, sexy with a French twist. 


Chef Brian is assigned to his regular client Nick’s dinner party for his new wife’s kosher family. When Brian gets there, not only is Nick there, but their Rabbi is there too. The Rabbi will have to preside over the entire dinner from prep to service in order to make sure the food is and stays kosher. The Rabbi goes into a long speal about what is allowed and not allowed. The particulars are stringent and no meat and dairy can touch or come in contact. Everything, including the knives must be blessed, so Brian’s knives are automatically ousted. Brian cannot even turn on the stove, the Rabbi must.


The third party is a surprise party for Client Nicki who is a decorator.Chef Brooke and Chef Sasha are assigned to the party, and are excited for the Fire and Ice theme. The menu will be as follows:

Appetizers: Spicy Crab Snow Cones and Peach and Jalapeno Soup. The main course will be Banana Leaf Wrapped Poached Cod with A Thai Basil Citrus Sauce and Diablo Chicken Wedge Salad. For dessert, they will serve Bananas Foster with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. 


The girls get everything ready when Nicki comes in and says she wants more bling. She brings out a box of glittery salts, gold leaf and rock candy and asks them to incorporate it. Brooke, who is highly stylized, is not appreciating the bling when she likes clean lines, but tries to go with it. Sasha on the other hand, likes the funky, carefree vibe. When the girls run in to the kitchen to hide, the chefs hide too, and surprise the birthday girl. Finally, Brooke buys into the non-pretentious fun that all the women at the party are having and even brings out sparklers at the end of the party which is a huge success. 


Meanwhile, at the denim launch, the guys are not having as good of a time. The menu is as follows: 

Appetizers of Coq Au Vin, Quiche Lorraine, Buffalo Style Frog Legs, and Sweet Potato Latkes with Sour Cream and Caviar. For dessert they will serve Deconstructed Tarte Tatin and Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding.

French Philippe has culinary experience so he starts in on the chefs and wants to try everything. Once he starts tasting everything, Brian jumps on the bandwagon, but they go back and forth. Whatever Brian likes, Philippe does not like and vice versa. Brian is especially turned off by the frog legs. At a certain point, Stuart and Jesse are getting discouraged and ask them to trust the chefs to the food. Brian says it is on the chefs if the food sucks.


During the party, the servers are female models that are wearing the jeans and as the food goes out, they keep telling the chefs how much everyone loves the food. Especially the frog legs! Finally, Philippe gets Brian to try the frog legs and he concedes that they are delicious. For dessert, Philippe and Brian have a surprise. Chef Stuart and Chef Jesse will model their jeans when they serve dessert. All in all, the party goes great.


Meanwhile, Brian is stressed! Brian’s menu is Appetizers of Roasted Red Pepper and Squash Soup and Roasted Winter Vegetable and Romaine Salad. The main course will be Pan Seared Lamb with Mushroom and Sesame Broth and Oven Baked Sweet and Savory Brown Rice with Dates.


The Rabbi insists on combing through every grain of rice and every date before passing them on to Brian even though he bought all the food at a kosher market. It slows the process to an almost standstill, and when Brian discovers that what he thought was a meat refrigerator was really a freezer he realizes he is screwed with the pan searing and will have to roast broil the shanks.


Just then, the Rabbi stops all cooking when he tells Brian that he must go out for his evening prayers and Brian has to stop preparations in the kitchen until he is back. At this point, Brian is seriously behind, and when Nick’s kosher family show up to eat, Nick comes into the kitchen to find out how long it will be. Finally, Nick steps in, which inspires the Rabbi to step in as well, and with a team, Brian is able to rock out the food to Nick’s new kosher family. The family loves the food, and the Rabbi gifts Brian with a kippah.


Catch an all new Private Chefs of Beverly Hills Friday night at 9/8 c on the Food Network.

(Image courtesy of Food Network)


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