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Taking The Stage Season 2: Finale Recap

Posted on 04/16/2010 by Lindsay in Taking The Stage

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Taking The Stage Season 2


By Lindsay Strouse


Last night on the season finale at Taking The Stage, the students get ready for the last time to show off their skills: the dance crew competition. After being denied to be in Tyler group, Carlton is ready to show him up with his own group’s routine. As for Tyler, he feels he’s learned everything he can at SCPA and wants to do another movie.


Emily Sones is turning 16 (sometimes I forget how young these kids are!) and talks with Anna about her situation with Anna. It looks like sparks could be flying again. Annd wants to plan a surprise party for Emily and asks Carlton for his help. In true Carlton style, he spins the conversation around back to their relationships and asks her out to dinner. Smooth.


Emily Silber, Anna and Kayla are in a crew together against their men. At this point, it’s all about the competition—drama, please hold. Tyler’s crew is having some problems. Let me rephrase, Tyler is having some problems with his crew: he is thinking of leaving them behind to do another movie.


Carlton takes Anna out for some pre-dinner ice skating. Carlton makes sure to throw in his quota of 100 compliments for evening. At dinner, they learn a little bit more about each other and it is obvious how hard Carlton is trying to be the perfect guy. He gets the courage up to ask her to be his girlfriend and she says yes. He leans in for the kiss and gets DENIED. Ouch.


Tyler and his friend Aris keep fighting about their crew. The guys think Tyler belittles them, but Tyler claims he wants them to “get on his level.” Okay, I understand why Tyler thinks he’s on a different level with this new movie career, but he needs a serious attitude adjustment.


Adam is planning on writing Emily a song for her surprise party. Once the party gets underway, Anna and Carlton head to the kitchen to talk about their relationship (surprise). Anna is a very religious girl with many morals and wants to take things slow. I mean REALLY slow. Carlton, on the other hand, just wants to kiss her.


Adam signs his song for Anna about their friendship and it is SO sweet. I’d take him back in a heartbeat. He apologizes to Emily about how he acted in the past and wants everything to be right with them again. He asks her out to dinner and she accepts. Emily is just worried about getting her heart broken again.


It’s the day of the crew competition and Tyler wants to crush Carlton’s crew. Carlton’s crew goes first and they use some props and fancy footwork to bring the crowd to their feet. Next up is the girl group. They pull the sexy card and leave the guys drooling in the wings. Last but not least is Tyler’s crew, Black Rain. They never fail to impress with their skill and performance. However, in the middle of their act, they do a parody on Carlton—not cool. Sure, they were great but that stunt was uncalled for.


It’s no surprise that Tyler’s crew takes home first place. Carlton is pretty pissed off and goes to Anna for some lovin’. He goes in for another kiss and she denies him AGAIN. He’s finding it hard to fold back after seeing her dance and having his guy friends make fun of him for “not getting any.” Anna still isn’t ready and doesn’t think Carlton is respecting her morals or taking her opinions into consideration. Teenage boy hormones strike again!


The next day, Tyler gets a call to audition for another movie in LA called “Jump Off.” His mom wants him to finish high school, but Tyler is more focused on making a career for himself. If things work out for him, Tyler says he will take online classes to finish high school and then put college on hold for awhile. His mom is having a hard time dealing with it.


On Emily and Adam’s first date, Adam admits he made a mistake by choosing Holly over Emily. He really wants her and is willing to wait and be her friend first. I’m sure me and Emily are thinking the same thing: could this just be another line? It seems this thought doesn’t stay in her mind to long, because she gives Adam a kiss the very next day.


Carlton apologizes to Anna but they are obviously on two different pages. Anna starts crying and thinks they shouldn’t be together. Well, that was short-lived.


Tyler leaves for his LA audition and shares a heartfelt goodbye with his family. I wish he acted this way with everyone!


Will Tyler make the cut? Will Emily and Adam finally make things work? Stay tuned for the next season on Taking The Stage on MTV!



(Image courtesy of MTV)


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