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Taking The Stage Season Two: Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 03/25/2010 by Lindsay in Taking The Stage

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Taking The Stage Season Two


by Lindsay Strouse


Ian is coming back with a vengeance this week on Taking The Stage. Last week, we saw Adam perform a very obvious tribute to Emily Sones and Ian about how much he disapproves of their relationship. Now it’s Ian’s turn.


He’s having a Halloween party and invites Adam so he, along with everyone else in the school, can hear the roast he has prepared. This could get awkward.


Back at Tyler’s house, he gets the most important phone call of his life. And it’s a good one! He got the part in the movie and shares a sentimental moment with his mom and brother. Emily, on the other hand, isn’t as excited as everyone else. She acts way too overprotective and is convinced he is going to get with other girls and forget about her. He would be leaving for TWO WEEKS, give me a break!


Back at SCPA, Carlton and Adam see Emily and Ian walking hand in hand down the stairs. Adam couldn’t be more jealous and oozes jealousy from ever pore in his body. Once the new couple leaves, Adam confides that he thinks Adam is cheating on Emily and wants to catch him in the act.


Later that night, every gets ready to head over to Ian’s big Halloween bash. As Emily Silber puts on her Madonna “Like a Virgin” costume, she talks to her friend about how worried she is about how Tyler might behave on a movie set. She knows girls on the set will “put out” and Emily isn’t like that. She understands the type of guy Tyler is and doesn’t know if she can handle it.


Meanwhile, Tyler talks to Mia about Emily’s jealousy in their relationship. She doesn’t understand that at this point in time, he wants to put his career first and she of all people shouldn’t be the one holding him back. On another note, Tyler doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out on the physical part of their relationship. Maybe Emily’s concerns weren’t too far off…


Once the party guests start arriving at Ian’s house, the ball gets rolling—and by that, I mean the drama. Tyler walks in right past Emily and doesn’t say a word. He acts like a jerk throughout the entire night and has the audacity to get numbers from other girls while he is there. Adam shows up (dressed as a Robert Pattison look-a-like, gag) and immediately sets an awkward tension in the air.


Once Ian gets sight of Adam, he tells everyone to gather in the living room for a special event. He has prepared a rap that is meant to get back at Adam for the song he performed the other night. I won’t lie, his rap TOTALLY beat Adam’s song. However, it was pretty crappy of him to embarrass Adam in front of everyone. After the performance, Adam decides it’s the right time to take Emily aside and tell her about what he claims is going on with Ian.


Emily has never been in the type of situation where two guys are fighting over her and doesn’t know how to handle it. She just really needs to take some alone time and think things out. Another person that needs to do some deep thinking is Emily. I have a feeling her relationship with Tyler won’t be working too much longer. Oh, teenage heartbreak.


Taking The Stage airs Thursday nights at 11/10c on MTV.


 (Image courtesy of MTV)


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