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Solitary 4.0: Exclusive Interview with #3 Kelsey Thorn

Posted on 03/23/2010 by Maureen in Solitary and Cast Interviews

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Kelsey Thorn from Solitary 4.0


By Maureen Francisco


She cried, fought and puked her way to victory. #3, Kelsey Thorn, is Solitary 4.0's winner. RealityWanted speaks with her about life in Solitary and how it feels to be the first female winner.


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: Kelsey, thanks for chatting with RealityWanted.com. First off, how did you learn about the show? 

A. Kelsey: I saw an ad on Craigslist that said something like Fear Factor. I thought I was auditioning for Fear Factor. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: So, it's safe to say that you didn't know much about Solitary?  

A. Kelsey: I saw one episode. I came unprepared. I was ready for an adventure. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: Describe your experience.

A. Kelsey: Interesting is an appropriate word. It was so different. I've been pushed before and they also break you mentally. That's why I cried so much. I was tired. And, then there's Val talking to you like a psychiatrist. Something I'd never do again.


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: Really? No more Solitary?

A. Kelsey: I'm done with reality [shows]. I'm not really a reality junkie. I don't plan on doing any other reality shows after this. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: What was the hardest part about being in Solitary?

A. Kelsey: The hardest part was showing pictures of my family. It would break my heart. I was crying when I saw pictures of my father, mom, niece ... I'm really close with my family and I miss them.


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: It did look like you were going to quit quite a few times. So, what made you stay? What was your motivation?

A. Kelsey: It was me being stubborn. I knew if I left, no one would be disappointed in me. Knowing that, made me want to stay more.


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted. You did every treatment. Which was the hardest one?

A. Kelsey: Honestly, the last treatment. They didn't show a lot of it. They didn't show you that we were doing 12-letter word puzzles. I was doing penalty rounds and had already used my passes. Those free passes saved my life. I felt like the treatment went on for four hours. It was hard pushing my body that much because it's not used to running in a human hamster wheel. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: Walk us through your emotions when you found out you're the winner of Solitary 4.0. 

A. Kelsey: I started spazzing out. When they said winner, I thought they meant "winner" of the round. And, when Val used it in a sentence that I was the winner of Solitary 4.0, I went into shock. I couldn't breathe. My hands were shaking. That's an unreal experience. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: How does it feel to be the FIRST female winner of Solitary?

A. Kelsey: I'm not trying to be cocky, but I've done a lot of things where I've been the first girl. I was the first female player on a football team and I played lacrosse with guys. I hope my win shows girls you can do anything. We're all equal. We're all human beings and we can do anything we set our minds to. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: What did you learn about yourself while you were in Solitary?

A. Kelsey: I do stupid things for fun. I have a very odd sense of adventure. I do have a high tolerance for a lot of things. I can count on myself. It's okay to do things without thinking about it. I did Solitary without thinking ... leap before I look. It's okay to try things for no reason. You only get one chance in life.


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: What are you going to do with the $50,000 cash prize?

A. Kelsey: I'm going to invest and save for school and the future. I'm going to do some fun things for my family. I can't say what I will do because I don't want them to read this. 


Q. Maureen, RealityWanted: What's next for Kelsey? 

A. Kelsey: I'm going to get my bachelors in psychology and then nursing school and eventually med school. 

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