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Solitary 4.0: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 03/14/2010 by Maureen in Solitary

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Solitary 4.0


By Maureen Francisco


With #7 gone, #2 and #3 continued to feel the pressure in the "crown of chains" treatment. They sat on a chair covered with sharp, metal pegs and had to wear a helmet that draped chains that weighed four pounds each. 


In round 10, the guests attached 10 chains to their helmets, weighing a total of 40 pounds. The contestants sat on their chairs for 40 minutes. 


The thoughts of quitting, weighed heavily on #3's mind. The 20-year-old football player said, "It hurts to move any part of my body so badly." 


In round 13, eight chains were linked to the contestants' helmets. After sitting for 50 minutes, #3 couldn't take the pain anymore. "I'm done," she said. "I'm almost beyond tears." She said the helmet felt like knives, digging into her head. 


When she learned she was the SECOND person to quit the treatment, #3 bawled. Surprised and shocked, she wouldn't be going home. "You're killing me Val. You're killing me," she said. 


At this point, the treatment had gone on for five hours and 30 minutes. #2, the karate champion, has yet to quit a treatment. #2 said, "my head hurt so much."


With #2 being the only contestant left doing the treatment, Val had a surprise waiting for him in his meal slot. Thicker and heavier chains called out his name. But, he didn't have to find out just how heavy those chains really were because Val revealed to #2 that he made it to the final three. He screamed with joy.


Rather than give the Solitarians a break, Val cranked up the heat instead. The guests complained about the temperature in their pods. So, she gave them a rolled up frozen t-shirt to cool off. The first guest to unroll the t-shirt and put it on earned two slices of pizza. Second place received one slice. And, the loser earned a crust. 


#6, the Solitary veteran, rolled on the frozen t-shirt with his back. It worked and he was able to unthaw the oversized shirt and complete the task first. #2 followed and #3 finished last. 


And, then it was onto the next challenge. The Solitarians put on their goggles and swimming caps so they can dunk their faces in a bowl of what looked like a rainbow of pudding. The first guest to remember 30 consecutive colors earned a "handicap" to give to one opponent during the next treatment, unlike the previous challenges where the winner got to sit out. From here on out, Val wanted her guests to earn their way to victory.


In the first round, #6 made a mistake in the color sequence, which opened the door for #2 and #3. But they also blew their chances when they failed to correctly remember the next color. 


So, that meant a new set of 30 colors to memorize for the guests. #3 was the first to mess up. In the 28th color sequence, #2 forgot the next color. That left #6 as the last guest to have a shot at correctly guessing the order of which color to dunk his face. 


Once again, #6 completed the challenge first, his fourth consecutive wins, another Solitary first, breaking his own record. #6 said he felt like Olympic champion Michael Phelps. He said the goggles and swim cap put him in the mood.


Since #6 won the challenge, he got to give a contestant a taste of the "penalty squat" in the next treatment. He chose #2 who had to sit in a squat position for a minute with a wooden board over his shoulders and arms twisted around it.


The next treatment required balance and agility. The guests had to carry that same wooden board over their shoulders. On top of it, sat a metal ball that rolled around. The guests had to make sure their boards were straight, otherwise, their balls would fall. And, that meant, they had to start the race all over. The guest who finished last had to do a penalty squat. 


In race one, #3 won. #6 finished last and had to do a penalty squat. He got no sympathy from #2.


#6 struggled with the race and found himself doing another penalty round and in a squat position for two minutes and 15 seconds. 


For the next balancing act, Val had her guests hang a chain in the center of the race course, which made the level of difficulty harder. They had to twist their bodies and balance the board even more to keep their balls from falling.


By race 23, the Solitarians had been doing the treatment for 57 minutes and 45 seconds. 


In race 26, Val wanted to punish her guests more. After every race, only the winner got to "sit out" on the penalty round. 


By race 29, #3 had already done four penalty rounds, #6 completed 13 penalty squats, and #2 found himself in a squat position 17 times.


Even the Solitary veteran, Tyler said, this treatment was the toughest thing he's ever done in Solitary. 


Val then did away with the ball and race course. We end the show with ALL three guests in a squat position. The question remains: who will push the red button first? Talk about a cliffhanger. 


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