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The Biggest Loser 9: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 01/26/2010 by David in The Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser 9


by David McAlpine

Last week on The Biggest Loser: Couples 2, Melissa made sure the red on her shirt wasn't the only thing that made her stand out as she quickly became the most disliked person in the house. Only one team member could train with Bob and Jillian, but the other team member would be weighed in, putting the teams' own skills to the test. The Gray Team had the ability to switch one team's members around before the weigh-in, and the White Team was affected, putting them below the yellow line. In the end, Maria opted to go home so that her son, Michael, could stay on the ranch.

This episode starts right off with a challenge for immunity, as well as more power (it seems like this whole "with power comes responsibility" idea is a theme this season), which would be revealed after the challenge. In a completely uninteresting sight for eyes, the teams would have to run a mile to a board of key cards, bring one back, and put it in a computer, which would give them either a red "X" or a green check mark. The first team to three check marks won; and even the editors couldn't save this challenge. It was just plain boring--until Lance and Melissa pull off a win. Then it gets interesting.

The Red Team gets three disadvantages to give out: no access to the gym, no elimination vote and a two-pound disadvantage at the next weigh-in. They decide to try and play it nice and ban John from the gym (but because of is knees, he can't really use it anyway), take away Michael's elimination vote and, the coup de grace, they give the pound disadvantage to Maggy and Migdalia. Their reasoning: the duo hadn't pulled big numbers in the last couple of weeks, so this was their week to do it.

Maggy and Migdalia weren't having it, though. Not at all. Miggy makes the entire gym aware of how pissed she is and it seems to rub off on Jillian, who erupts on Melissa. Melissa plays the victim card and gets Bob to feel bad for her, who tries to resolve the situation between Jillian and Melissa. While Bob is pacifying Melissa, Jillian goes over to Lance and pretty much calls Melissa a liar, pissing him off, too. Then, Bob decides to put Melissa in a one-on-one boxing session with Jillian--brilliant! And the tears flowed freely as Jillian continued her steamrolling tirade of door.

Melissa storms away after a while, not being able to take it. Cut to later that night, when she and Lance decide to forgive and forget. How genuine. Then Sam and Koli give us a quick refresher on how to open a Ziploc bag. Really? I mean last season's plugs were bad, but how to open a Ziploc bag? That's just kind of insulting.

Next was the reward challenge, which was for the heavily desired phone call home. All they had to do was use a rope to lift themselves 120 feet in the air in a cage. Twist: the team that won could give three other teams a phone call, too. Miggy and Migdalia don't think they'll be picked, so they start off really strong. Sam and Koli catch up, though, then the Red Team comes out of nowhere, with Melissa screaming like a banshee about her kids. Meanwhile, the camera keeps cutting to John, Michael and Stephanie, who are all trying to do the challenge alone.

After a long battle, the Gray Team wins and gives the calls to John, the Red Team and the Green Team. Tears flow, stories are traded, lots of "I can't wait to come home"s--you know the drill.

Now onto the last chance workout, where the contestants start off at Subway (which was really, really clean, by the way). Then they have to run up mountain. As if that weren't enough, Jillian was waiting at the top, smiling as she explained how she loves to torture people by exercising outside. She makes them carry lots of weight, then wheel people up hills. Surprisingly, the way she did it was both effective and inspiring, and you could see that she wasn't that evil on the inside.

The weigh-in results were as follows:

Melissa: -11
Lance: -6
Red Team Total: -17 (-3.16%)

Sam: -14
Koli: -12
Gray Team Total: -26 (-3.78%)

Michael: -15
White Team Total: -15 (-3.18%)

Stephanie: -6
Purple Team Total: -6 (-2.54%)

Cheryl: -6
Daris: -6
Orange Team Total: -12 (-2.38%)

Andrea: -5
Darrell: -10
Black Team Total: -15 (-2.37%)

John: -10
Brown Team Total: -10 (-2.29%)

Ashley: -7
Sherry: -4
Pink Team Total: -11 (-2.10%)

Migdalia: -4
Miggy: -1
Green Team Total: -3 (with two-pound disadvantage) (-0.67%)

It became abundantly clear right away that, even with the two-pound disadvantage, the Green Team still would be below the yellow line. So, when Migdalia and Miggy go on the offensive, you can't help but back up Melissa when she points out that two pounds didn't make a difference. Add some profanities and you have a full-blown showdown.

The ending was much more anti-climactic, since Migdalia had both a child waiting for her at home and a husband who was ready to leave for his tour in Afghanistan. In fact, Migdalia made sure she was leaving by being mean to everyone. Of course, when Migdalia and Miggy leave the room, Melissa tries to slip in a hit at Miggy and get her voted off.

Finally, tension builds again when the Red Team, the Grey Team and John all vote for Miggy to leave. Everyone else, however, voted for Migdalia to leave, giving her the numbers to go. Miggy is obviously upset, but who wouldn't be

Back home, Migdalia admits that she's taken a slip, gaining 10 pounds after her husband left for Afghanistan. However, after that she'd ended up down 40 pounds and plans to run a marathon with her husband when he gets back from his tour of duty.

Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c to The Biggest Loser to see who falls below the yellow line, only on NBC!

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

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