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The Biggest Loser 9: Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 01/12/2010 by David in The Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser 9


by David McAlpine

Last week on The Biggest Loser, 22 contestants began their own weight-loss quest in their chase to win the $250,000 grand prize. All the contestants were weighed in in front of their friends and family, then brought to the ranch, where two teams were sent home right away, only to come back in 30 days and compete to see who stays in the house. The Green Team won immunity, while the Brown Team, twin brothers John and James, fell below the yellow line and James was sent home.

This week starts with the show's doctor, Dr. Huizenga, explaining how unhealthy this cast is. In addition, he shows how the trainers use all the statistics to their advantage (cut to Mike dragging all the weight he'd lost already). Cheryl and Daris were both warned about their eating habits, and Jillian even spit out their sample mean, she was just that disgusted.

Then the medical problems start to get serious when Dr. Huizenga starts informing the contestants of their various issues. Darrell is by far the worst, plagued by sleep apnea, asthma, metabolic syndrome and a host of other problems. Meanwhile, Michael's immense amount of body fact is putting critical stress on all of his internal organs, and Ashley is found to be diabetic.

Back to the gym, where everyone seems to have found the motivation to workout harder than ever. Jillian goes off on the idea of comfort food (not going to lie, I have several) and scared the crap out of everyone from indulging in their guilty pleasure again. Let's just say my trash can is full now.

This week's immunity challenge involved each team member walking on a small balance beam across a pool, carrying coach balls at the same time. The winners of the challenge, Lance and Melissa, the Red Team, won immunity. During the challenge, Maria slipped and hurt her face and broke her finger, also causing her and Michael, the White Team to come in last, earning a two pound penalty.

The tension in the room is very strong as the second weigh-in approaches. Everyone put up really good numbers last week, but those are almost impossible maintain come week two. It seems like everyone just doesn't want to go home--and I don't blame them! The weigh-in breaks down as follows:

Lance: -8
Melissa: +1
Red Team Total: -7 (-1.25%)

Migdalia: -4
Miggy: -8
Green Team Total: -12 (-2.52%)

Maria: -10
Michael: -11
White Team Total: -21 (-2.50%)

Ashley: -8
Sherry: -5
Pink Team Total: -13 (-2.35%)

Sam: -9
Koli: -8
Gray Team Total: -17 (-2.34%)

Andrea: -5
Darrell: -10
Black Team Total: -15 (-2.25%)

John: -10
Brown Team Total: -10 (-2.17%)

Cheryl: -3
Daris:- 7
Orange Team Total: -10 (-1.89%)

Patti: -4
Stephanie: -3
Purple Team Total: -7 (-1.50%)

Even though Melissa purposely gained weight so she could lose more next week, hence "playing the game," like Bob puts it, the Purple Team was up for elimination. Honestly, I think the game gets unhealthy at times when contestants maintain or gain weight just because they're immune--something should be done about that. Meanwhile, Sherry fell under 200 pounds for the first time in years and Michael has lost 45 pounds himself.

In the deliberation room, Patti volunteers to go home, which everyone listens to. Back to the present, where we see Patti now, trimmer than she was on the show. Dr. Huizenga says her health has rapidly improved and she's run a 5K with her husband after losing 43 pounds.

Tune in next week when a castmember tries to leave hit/her team. Watch the Biggest Loser only on NBC Tuesdays at 8/7c.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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