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The Girls Next Door Season 6: Finale Recap

Posted on 12/06/2009 by Gina in The Girls Next Door

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The Girls Next Door Season 6

by Danae Young

This week on The Girls Next Door, it’s the season finale! Bridget throws Kendra a baby shower! Then it is time to celebrate the twins’ birthday!

The twins and Crystal were put on balloon duty. But when they went to pick them up, they had a little trouble fitting all of the balloons inside the limo. Plus the twins were kind of busy inhaling the helium from a balloon which gave them that hilarious squeaky voice like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Bridget is so cute. She takes party planning so seriously. The twins and Crystal get nervous to help set-up because Bridget always needs everything exactly her way. But the final product looked great! It was like the board game Candyland. Maybe she can plan my baby shower in 10 years!

Kendra shows up looking very pregnant. But still looking fabulous. Her boobs are humungous! She really seems to have calmed down and grown up a lot.

The baby shower games started after everyone had some sweets. Whether it was pickles or ice cream from Dandy Dan the Ice Cream Man. The first game was a baby bottle chugging game. The bottle was filled with water.

The next game everyone had to blow up a balloon, put it under their stomach, and pop it. Of course Kendra couldn’t participate in that one. Holly ended up keeping the balloon under her stomach and wore it around the shower.

The last game was stroller Olympics. First they had to feed a fake baby, then change the baby, then put the baby in the stroller and take it through the obstacle course twice, and the finish was to strap the baby into a car seat.

Next up…presents! Then Kendra’s friend Jonny Makeup showed up dressed like a baby…SO CREEPY!

Hef showed up for a little looking snazzy, as usual.

The next day Kendra stopped by the mansion. She went upstairs to talk to Mary for a little about how she keeps peeing her pants. A little too much information maybe?

Kendra made her mark when she lived in the mansion so she wanted to go back and change the last name to her new last name post-wedding.

Hef took Kendra to the wishing well to make a wish for the baby.

The twins are turning 20 around the same time as the girls’ one year anniversary with Hef.

Crystal came up with a great idea to make Hef a scrapbook with the girls to give to him for their one year anniversary.

Jolie, a professional scrapbooker (that exists?!), helps the girls with their gift idea to Hef. Jolie started scrapbooking when she was 12 and has around 80 scrapbooks!

While the girls made their scrapbook, they reminisced about all of the great times they’ve had in the past year together.

The girls went out that night for the twins’ birthday to a restaurant/nightclub in Hollywood called Kress. They ate dinner and opened presents. Then it was party time!

That night Hef and the girls exchanged presents for their one year.

Hef loved the scrapbook. Then he gave the girls their gifts. Each one got a beautiful white gold bracelet that said Miss July, August, or December depending on which month they are. Such a cute present Hef!

It has been a great season with the new girls!

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