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The Amazing Race 15: Finale Predictions

Posted on 12/06/2009 by Gina in The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race 15


by Victor Jih
Winner of The Amazing Race Season 14


If the past is any indication of the future, the final leg will be designed to test ALL aspects of being a good racer: there will be a strength/physical task of some sort, perhaps an overcoming fear test, an attention-to-detail task, a pure dumb luck task, culminating in some type of a memory "what did you learn" test. On paper, based on the results from the prior legs, Meghan and Cheyne have to be the favorites, with Sam and Dan their best competitors. But Brian and Ericka have been continually blessed with good karma and have been able to stave off elimination with uncanny resilience.


That being said, here are my predictions for how tonight’s finale of The Amazing Race will play out, along with predictions by RealityWanted writers David McAlpine and Gina Scarpa.

3. Sam and Dan
Watching the tension between these two escalate as the race goes on has made me less and less confident about their ability to win. And after last episode, when they broke their Detour and risked having to start all over (because it was never stated in the rules), I lost all hope. There’s also no one left for them to leech off of and completely use to get ahead, so I think they’ll fall to last place.


2. Meghan and Cheyne
It seems like a curse on the race, but the nice couples almost never finish first. Blake and Paige? Kris and Jon? I just don’t think it’s going to happen for them. Plus, cheyne whines so much, they have a little bit of an Adam/Rebecca vibe going on, which is very much so a recipe for disaster, not success.


1. Brian and Ericka
Call me crazy, but I think they have the best shot of winning. They’ve fought on the race, but not necessarily too much, and I think they’ve gotten to that point now where they know they have to do anything and everything to win. Sure, they may be in last now, but they’re going to have to fly from Prague to somewhere in the U.S., so one bottleneck and they’re good to go.


3. Sam and Dan
I actually started this season really liking Sam and Dan but over the last few weeks, they’ve started to implode a bit.  Never mind the fact that I don’t like that they stole a taxi from Brian and Ericka, these brothers can’t seem to do the simplest of tasks without name calling, whining, and constant “SHUT UP!”s flying back and forth.  If they can’t keep their cool in the final leg of the race, which is undoubtedly the most stressful, there’s no way they’re winnin’ this thing.


2. Brian and Ericka
Personally, I’d like to see Brian and Ericka win this thing.  They’ve battled back from the bottom of the pack several times over the course of the race and have had more luck than any team in the history of the show.  That being said, they haven’t been the best racers and that luck has to run out at some point.  They win the award for Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality in my book, if it’s any consolation.


1. Meghan and Cheyne
Meghan and Cheyne have run the best race, in my eyes, and the best team should walk away with the prize.  Often times, on a male/female team, the man has carried a lot of the weight of the team but Meghan has certainly held her own… if not, more.  Hay challenge, anyone?  If these two are the first across the line tonight, I’ll be clapping along with everyone else!


3. Brian and Ericka
This final leg is very different from the prior legs. The goal is no longer avoiding elimination, but actually placing first. Good karma is one thing, but I haven't seen Brian and Ericka take the steps to win the whole thing. I'm happy to be proven wrong, though.


2. Meghan and Cheyne
I know a lot of people will take issue with this prediction, since Meghan and Cheyne have the most first place finishes this season. They definitely have the competitive fire, physical and mental abilities, and willingness to take risks to propel them into first place. I'm not sure they have been tested with true adversity yet, though, and my gut tells me a misstep is going to cost them first place. Perhaps it will come down to who (Meghan or Cheyne) chooses to do the final task. In a footrace to the finish line, they would win.


1. Sam and Dan
This choice is mostly sentimental for me. I'd love to see siblings win three seasons in a row! On paper, Sam and Dan are not as strong as Meghan & Cheyne. In practice, they are not as level-headed as Meghan and Cheyne. But somehow I feel like the drama train will end happily.


Be sure to catch tonight’s finale of The Amazing Race, 8pm ET on CBS.


(Image courtesy of CBS)


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