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Ghost Hunters Season 6 - “Pensacola Lighthouse” – Episode 14 Recap

Posted on 11/18/2009 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

(Photo courtesy of SyFy)

Pensacola Lighthouse – Pensacola, Florida


TAPS returns to investigating lighthouses and gets a trip to Florida in return.  Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are still unavailable as they continue tapping sessions of their “Ghost Hunters Academy” show.  The lighthouse dates back to the Civil War days and was occupied until 1965 where it was automated and is now only visited by the maintenance crew every 3 months or so. One of the more interesting stories was that of a wife who is said to have murdered her abusive husband in the living quarters.  Apparently the blood stains in the floor remained until the late 1990’s when the floor was refurbished.  Caretakers are said to have their hair pulled and shoulder touched, but of course, no one was there when they turned around.  People have also seen shadowy figures, possibly that of a civil war slave, as well as, a white ghostly woman.  Of course no haunting would be complete without the creepy footsteps and someone whispering your name in your ear.  This all leads me to believe that if you want to find ghosts, get a job as a caretaker in anything that’s currently abandoned.


Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson were the first to climb the stairs of the lighthouse. While they were heading upwards in the main tower their K2 meter was running wild.  Right after the K2 meter went off they believed they heard someone walking upstairs and then heard a loud bang on two different occasions. 


Amy Bruni and Brett Griffith began their investigation in the living quarters and started an EVP session.  They asked the spirits for some type of activity and Brett believed he heard something like a chair being dragged across a wood floor.  Nothing more occurred after that instance.


Kris Williams and Amy Bruni turned their investigation to the basement area.  As they were talking, Kris felt something touch her hair and Amy reported feeling a cool breeze blow by her shoulder.  Kris made a point to mention that she’s never had that type of experience while working with TAPS.  They also were using the thermometer to test the temperature and when they asked the spirits to bring the temp down in the room they were able to the temp to go down from 68 degrees to 65 degrees by simply asking it to.  Then they asked the spirits to bring down the temp to 62 degrees and it the temp went down to 62.  This is a technique used by the team from time to time and when it happens, it’s kind of hard to deny, especially when they ask for the temp to be dropped or raised to a certain number.


While Jason and Grant were investigating the room where the wife allegedly killed her husband, they began hearing some sounds or noises but could not get much more interaction.


Amy and Brett thought they heard some footsteps and maybe even a little girls voice in the upstairs bedroom that Jason and Grant just came from.  Amy mentions that what may have really happened in this room was that a woman named Ella gave birth to a child in the house, apparently a very hard birth, and later died in the house.  As Amy was telling this story, they began hearing some noises, taps, and footsteps that seemed very close to where they were.  At one point, while they were sitting on the floor, in separate parts of the room, Amy heard some footsteps and apparently those footsteps went right by Brett. 


Jason and Grant spent some time in the basement and something kept turning their light from their camera on and off.  Grant would switch it back on and the switched went to the off position.  Not long after this, while the light was off, it turned itself on.  A few minutes later, the light turned itself off again.  Again, the switch actually went to the Off or On position, so it can not be blamed on some type of malfunction, especially since Grant went out to the truck to get a new light.


The team seem to have a lot of personal experiences so any real evidence would only add to their active night.  One EVP came from when Grant was in the upstairs bedroom and asked “Were you attacked in here?”  The answer, “No.”  So who really knows what actually occurred in this house but there does not seem to be any doubt that the lighthouse is having paranormal activity and it’s just not in the minds of those who have spent time there. 


Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan

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