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Project Runway Season 6: Episode 12 Recap

Posted on 11/05/2009 by Gina in Project Runway

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Project Runway Season 6

by Jackie Helm

Tonight on Project Runway, Tim took the final five contestants to the J. Paul Getty Museum to serve as their inspiration for the final challenge.  Due to Season 6’s embrace of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa provided the pep talk prior to the 30 minute tour of the Getty Center.

The models accompanied the designers as they made their way around some of the most beautiful and extraordinary pieces of furniture, antiques, and art.  Following the tour (and a 30 minute mad rush at Mood fabric store), the crew headed back to create their final masterpiece in a matter of two days.

Tension was tight in the workroom as this final challenge will determine the designers who will make it to New York’s Fashion Week.  Tim paid a visit and a pep talk (or not) to the designers in action. 

Christopher had been inspired by the rock fountain outside of the museum.  He was attempting to piece together grey angular fabric to represent the rocks and green pieces for algae.  Tim understood Christopher’s intentions but suggested he not confuse the audience.

The large canopy bed prompted Carol Hannah to develop an ornate texture that sweeps and flows like the beds appearance. Tim loved the bed as well but reminded Carol Hannah to not lose the sophistication.

Irina’s inspiration was a painting titled, “Mischief and Repose”.  It displayed two women donning see-through, sheer material but Tim couldn’t see the resemblance.  He also questioned Irina’s choice of a fur fabric and stated that it looked like “road kill”.  She later ditched it! 

Althea was feeling the architecture in the building itself as she created a dress that curved and slanted in various angles.  Tim was perplexed by her construction method and suggestive that she be objective.

Tim congratulated Gordana in replicating the Monet painting of a Rome Cathedral that she saw at the Getty Center.  She became emotional due to feeling a personal connection with both the art piece and her creation.

Tim sent in the models for their fitting and suggested wise use of the selection of Macy’s accessories.  I couldn’t wait to see the final products! 

Heidi welcomed the crew to the runway.  After tonight only 3 will remain to compete in Fashion Week.  Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, Fashion Editor of Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia and supermodel Cindy Crawford joined Heidi on the panel of judges.

After the models gave the runway a whirl, they stood by their respective designer for judging.  Althea explained her inspiration from the museums outer structure and Cindy said she was brave for the attempt. However, Cindy added that the amount of pleats would be difficult to wear.  Nina noticed the architectural texture of the skirt but felt it was overworked while the shirt was under worked, to which Cynthia concurred.  Heidi felt Althea bit off more than she could chew.

Irina explained how her painting translated into the dress her model wore.  All three judges liked the piece but felt the model’s shoes and head piece took off points from Irina’s creation.

Gordana’s inspiration from the Rome cathedral produced angelic, brush strokes to a long flowing gown.  Heidi saw the connection, Cindy would wear the dress but Nina wasn’t feeling the zipper in the back.

Carol Hannah’s replica of the canopy bed was a beautiful, well constructed gown.  The judges liked her dress but felt she was playing it safe with her creation.

Christopher’s explained his extraordinary talent in finding beauty in the algae covered rocks.  Nina and Cindy agreed that the fabric at the bottom of the dress was too heavy.

Heidi proceeded to ask each designer why they deserved to graduate to the final three competitors who go on to Fashion Week as well as who should accompany them.  Each sob story made you root for the individual but Heidi and crew chose Christopher and Gordana to go home.

Tim congratulated the top three designers: Irina, Carol Hannah, and Althea who will compete at Bryant Park next week for Fashion Week!

Project Runway airs Thursday nights at 10pm ET on Lifetime.
(Image courtesy of Lifetime)


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