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The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins - Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 11/04/2009 by Gina in Real World Road Rules

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The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins


by Matt Anaya

Please excuse me as I wake up from the hour-long nap but it really is not my fault, this week was another boring episode of The Ruins and it is turning into a lackluster season.

This week, the goal for the Champions was to get Veronica in the elimination round which was not hard since Susie, Kenny, Johanna, and Evan have an alliance and a near majority of the vote. The Challengers’ main objective was to win a competition and be able to get the matchups they prefer.

Ugh, too bad for the Challengers as they were once again spanked in the early competition by the Champs.  Before the event, the Champs chose Johnny, Syrus, Derrick, Johanna, Susie, and Veronica and the Challengers placed Cohutta, Dunbar, Brad, KellyAnne, Casey, and Sarah up for elimination.

It did not take long for the Champs to come up with the matchups as the team basically threw old man Syrus under the bus. Post competition, Johnny conspired/campaiged to throw Syrus in the Ruins because he is old, has injuries, and Johnny knows he is next in line.

I am not sure if Syrus was all that banged up but I know he has proven himself unlike the outspoken Johnny Bananas. In my opinion, Bananas should have been thrown into The Ruins but the team unanimously voted to put the grizzled vet Syrus in instead.

Syrus picked Cohutta, the man with the fattest bank account on the opposing team and the Champs unanimously picked Veronica against KellyAnne; basically throwing her to the wolves, as they want her off the team as fast as possible.

Veronica is upset that her plan to get further in the game (i.e. sleeping with Evan, the boss) failed but Evan brushes the dirt off his shoulders and snidely wishes Veronica good luck.

Syrus got off to a huge head start in a race you would see on the ESPN Lumberjack Challenge as he literally built over a ten second lead on Cohutta. When Syrus needed to unhook himself from the giant log, he struggled and Cohutta calmly caught up and beat the big man. Now, Cohutta is the richest man on the challenge and the Champs will be surely gunning for him.

The girls struggled in this event as both girls tired quickly but KellyAnne won rather easily. It was no surprise as Veronica never had a chance… in fact, none of the girls do against KellyAnne.  She has struck fear in all of the girls on the Champions team, including Susie.

With back to back to sweeps in the Ruins, the Challengers have tied the game up at 7 competitors left and this is suddenly anyone’s ballgame … kinda. The Champs were getting rid of “dead weight” as Johnny Bananas called it but he may be next.

Power Rankings
1. Evan has not moved from atop the list all season long and will be in the finale.
2. Kenny is near the top because of his alliance with Evan, the boss.
3. Susie now has a female competitor to worry about and it is …
4. KellyAnne - enough said.
5. Darrell is never messed with by anyone, even teammates.
6. Cohutta is the “fattest calf” with all that new loot.
7. Derek has no alliance but is still well respected.
8. Dunbar has not been in the Ruins and I am looking forward to seeing him prove himself.
9. Brad will not be in the Ruins until Cohutta is eliminated.
10. Johnny Bananas inches closer to elimination every time he opens his mouth
11. Sarah won in the Ruins a few weeks back and has proven herself unlike …
12. Johanna is in the alliance because of her friendship with Susie not because her skills.
13. Kim is not last because she is not as bad as …
14. Casey. The whole team wants her off but the Challengers need to win a competition before she will ever see the Ruins.

I think Cohutta will faceoff against Johnny Bananas and Bananas will go home.  I also think Kim will face Johanna and Johanna will go home, making it six straight wins in the Ruins for the Challengers.


Sidenote: Dunbar said, “Derrick played division one baseball” not true, he played at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, IL on the same team as me.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on MTV.

(Image courtesy of MTV)

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