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Exclusive Interview with Aubry Fisher from LA Ink

Posted on 07/09/2009 by RealityWanted in LA Ink and Cast Interviews

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Aubry Fisher from TLC's LA INK


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Aubry Fisher from TLC’s LA Ink.


Q. RealityWanted.com: So tell us about the show and what to expect this season?

A. Aubry Fisher, LA Ink:
The show is a lot different than what I thought it would be. It is going to be a very ridiculously exciting season. There are going to be a lot of journeys and drama rollercoaster’s this season.

Q. RealityWanted.com: How is it working with the rest of the LA Ink cast?

A. Aubry Fisher, LA Ink:
I am working with a lot of very talented individuals. Kat is very driven and an amazing artist, she really enjoys what she does.

Q. RealityWanted.com: Have you changed since being on LA Ink?

A. Aubry Fisher, LA Ink: I definitely have grown as a person because of the show. I learned a lot about myself and sometimes a job that looks easy can be very hard.

Q. RealityWanted.com: Are you a big reality fan?

A. Aubry Fisher, LA Ink: I love True Blood, Desperate Housewives and LA Ink.

Q. RealityWanted.com: How can fans see what you are up to?

A. Aubry Fisher, LA Ink: Check me out on www.twitter.com/aubryrol2


(Photo courtesy of Phase 5 Photography)


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