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Treasure Hunters Recap - Episode 6 Uncovering the Man behind the Mask

Posted on 07/25/2006 by RealityWanted in Treasure Hunters

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By: Lexy Walker

The heat is o­n and the tables have turned. With six remaining teams, Treasure Hunters is gearing up for their season finale and it is reported to be a live show. It should be interesting to see the teams face off in a live scenario especially if it involves the Southie Boys, who as of yet, incur the most "bleeps" over their banter.
Episode 6 opens with the teams departing for Paris, France with death mask in tow. They are instructed to find and decode the secret correspondence of America's first spy.

In Paris, the teams head to the Metro system. All six teams end up o­n the same train, heading to the Catacombs of Paris, but Air Force, Fogals and Genius teams get off at o­ne station, while the Southie Boys, Miss USA and the Ex-CIA stay o­n the train for three additional stops. This seems to be the turning point, and quite frankly, it's not looking good for the Southie Boys, Miss USA and Ex-CIA. The Fogals think they've grabbed a lucky break by getting a hold of some locals that were more than willing to lead them to the underground tunnels.

Once off the train, the Fogals, Air Force and Geniuses struggle to find the entrance to the catacombs and the French helpers suddenly depart when it's clear they do not know where they are going. Now even the French have fogaled the Fogals. Meanwhile, the Southie Boys, Miss USA and Ex-CIA teams get off the train at their stop, and promptly locate the entrance to the Empire of the Dead.

The teams are then instructed by cell phone to locate the golden-laced bridge. There, by the bridge, is a statute of the owner of the death mask and this will lead them to the next artifact. In the Paris catacombs, they are to find the remains from 1789 as their first clue.

Upon locating the clue, the 3 teams race off to the Seine River to locate the golden-laced bridge. They locate the bridge, and the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, who is the man behind the mask. They break open the mask and find the next artifact, a coin, inside. The coin is inscribed with the message - Dover Castle, the arrow points the way.

The next challenge is to find out who was Lafayette's American contact. The teams head to Dover, England by ferry. The Southie Boys, Miss USA and Ex-CIA arrive first. The Geniuses come in 4th. At the castle, the teams are looking for an arrow to lead the way. Matthew of the Southie Boys is the first to find the arrow, which was a part of the castle itself. At this point, the Fogals and the Air Force are tied for last place and have yet to arrive at the castle. It's quite a turn of events, as these two teams have lead throughout the series.

The Southie Boys are the first to find a parchment created by America's first spy. The parchment leads them to a printing press in the back of St. Bartholomew's Church, London that Benjamin Franklin, worked at. Benjamin Franklin is considered America's first spy. The Geniuses are the last to find the parchment.

When the Southie Boys, Miss USA and Ex-CIA arrive at the church, they have a large lead over the remaining teams. They spend over 4 hours searching the church for the encoded language. The Ex-CIA team first suggests burning the paper, and Miss USA is the first to properly burn the paper and reveal a hidden map. Miss USA is the first to find a key, the 5th artifact. The Ex-CIA find their key second, and the Southie Boys find their key third.

The Geniuses come in 4th to find the artifact. This leaves the Fogals and the Air Force to face off for the last artifact. The Air Force find their artifact and the Fogals are eliminated. Ironically, the Fogals were eliminated in a church, of all places.

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