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Rockstar Supernova Recap Episode 3

Posted on 07/12/2006 by RealityWanted in Rockstar Supernova

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By Terri Giosia

Another night has come and gone....and thank God the night kicked off to a great rockin' start....with Magni, he did "Talking about my generation" and did a great rendition!  The guys found he had control and yet Tommy said he lacked the hum but had the "ho"....I'm sure he's knows a good "ho" when he sees o­ne.....what a guy! 
And then it went from "rockin" to boring...to a little energy and then cheesy and right up again when 2 of the girls sang....
Jenny did "Tainted love"...a great song, and she was BORING!!!!!!  You could hardly understand her for the first few bars....what happened to her?  Nerves, wrong song to showcase her voice....
Jill did "Hole" not the song for her at all...but she's got presence and packs a whollop of energy, she connects so well with the audience and gets everyone involved....she must make other choices...if she gets the chance.   Dave compared to her Courtney Love...and she didn't like that...AT ALL!!!! 
Zayra, looked great tonight, overtly sexy.....and she sang, "You really got me", by the Kinks, o­ne of my faves!!!  And her version just didn't do it at all.....her moves however, were very enticing and she shows some potential to be an act, by herself.
Chris, "Take me out" he's a real cutie tonight!!!  Love the hair, his eyes were mesmerizing and yet his rendition was just too "cheesy"
Dilana did "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, she took a classic country tune and made it her own "classic" ......she's something else!!!!  What a hell of a talent and all the boys love it!!! 
Josh, "With arms wide open" I love this song!!!! By Creed....he didn't do a good job with this great tune...  That's all I have to say!  Dave said he has o­ne of the greatest voices he's heard in a long time...yet not a good choice......
Phil..."If you could o­nly see" buy Tonic....didn't do it justice AT ALL!!!  Where's the energy and OPEN YOUR EYES!!!  Gotta go!
Storm did a "Trick" tune...and her energy is right up there!  She's a performer, she's a ROCKSTAR!
Patrice, "Heartshaped box" by Nirvana....a fave of Dave's....and he loved it, so did I....she has the makings of ROCKSTAR!   
Lucas, he sang, "Don't Panic" by Coldplay....a softer song to downplay his arrogance from last week.....he seemed to be straining himself....no longer a fan!
Ryan redeemed himself with "Jumpin Jack Flash" by the STONES!!!  He did a good job, he's go a lot of potential, all he has to do is pump up his energy....
Dana, the "virgin" o­n the rock scene thought she could do a credible version of "Born to be Wild" with her leopard print and fishnet......and she is not there yet....in 5 years she'll be fabulous, but for now, she's gotta go!
Toby, sang "Somebody told me"....a rockin song and he did a did a good job of showing his Aussie potential....
Ok, I am disappointed!  Big time!  Compared to last year's INXS.....this show's not living up to it at all.....
Benefit of the doubt?  Ok, let's see who goes...and who stays. 
My "gotta go's" are:  Dana, Chris and Phil.
Remember, "Sing like nobody's listening" because there's a little rock star dying to come out!
Keep it real!
Terri Giosia
Teraluna Enterprises
Anything is Possible to an Open Mind...


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