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Make Me A Supermodel 2: Finale Recap

Posted on 06/03/2009 by Gina in Make Me A SuperModel

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Make Me A Supermodel 2


by Gina Scarpa


Tonight, on the finale of Make Me A Supermodel, the remaining contestants meet up with Tyson, Nicole, and fashion photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.  He’ll be using a special camera to take a 20x24 portrait of them.  There will be no digital retouching and they’ll just have to be themselves.  The boys will pose for a close up, a full body shot, and a group shot.  Nobody will win this photo challenge… it will be what their judged on later in their final panel, along with their catwalk.  No pressure.  No pressure at all.


Sandhurst is up first and he just has a face that you want to photograph.  His photo prints out after two minutes and it looks great!  Sandhurst doesn’t have this thing in the bag, though.  He’s got serious competition in Jonathan, who has been stellar throughout the season.  Just when you thought that it was a race between those two for the title, Branden pulls out a solid photo as well.  The fully body shots and close ups are next and this thing is getting tough to call!


Gina’s Close Up Pick: Sandhurst
Gina’s Full Body Pick: Jonathan
Gina’s Group Shot Pick: Branden


I’m really not doing that to be difficult! 


The next day, the models get a call from Cory who tells them that they’ll be headed to a go see for Cosmo magazine.  They meet the editor-in-chief, Kate White, and her staff and take part in another photo shoot.  Kate feels that Jonathan poses a bit too much and needs to look more natural.  Agreed.  She sees big things for Branden and calls him “dreamy”.  Sandhurst needs to be coached a bit by the photographer, who tells him he needs to be sexier.  Kate delivers the feedback and sends them on their merry way back to the apartment.


I hope they didn’t think they were going to rest because a letter is waiting for them in the kitchen.  They’re invited to an event later that night but they’ll need to bring a guest.  Cue the family members, who surprise them at their door.  Branden’s mother, Jonathan’s wife and son, and Sandhust’s sister (all the way from Trinidad and Tobago) bring hugs, tears, and happy screams.  At the gala, the photos from the entire season hung on the walls and the models were greeted by the judges, photographers, and industry professionals that they worked with throughout the process.


Before they knew it, it was time to say goodbye to their loved ones and get ready for their final catwalk.  They'll have to show two different looks - the first will be high fashion and the second will be downtown chic.  For the high fashion look, I'm not sure what any of them are wearing but they rock it to the best of their ability.  Branden uses his smirky smile, Jonathan keeps that cool look in his eye, and Sandhurst oozes confidence.  In the downtown look, Jonathan walks like he is in it to win it, but it's going to be a fight to the death here.


The judges feel that Jonathan's first runway was perfect and one panel member wrote that he's "got it" when he did his second walk.  His feedback is positive for his close up, but not for his full body shot.  The panel questions if he can let go of his family in order to travel for modeling and he says that he can separate that from work in order to achieve his goals.  The judges recognize the growth that Branden has shown over the weeks and find his look in his photos to be unique.  Sandhurst gets rave reviews for his first walk but the judges aren't sold on his second trip down the runway.  They do, however, love his face in all of his photos.


At long last, it's time to deliver the results.  Shockingly, Jonathan is eliminated first followed by RealityWanted member Sandhurst.  In the end, it's Branden who walks away with the title and don't think that coming into this as the underdog did anything to diminish that ego of his.  Oh no.  He still wants the ladies to call him.  Surprising results, friends, wouldn't you say?


(Image courtesy of Bravo)


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