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Treasure Hunters Episode 3 Recap � We Fogaled the Fogals!

Posted on 07/04/2006 by RealityWanted in Treasure Hunters

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By: Lexy Walker

Episode 3 opens in Boston with the Grad Students gracefully bowing out of the competition due to the severity of Jessica's leg injury. With their departure, the Brown Family re-enters the hunt, which upsets the Hanlons sense of fair play. The contrast between these two teams continues to be evident throughout the entire episode.
As the hunt gets underway, the teams are instructed to begin at the Old Burke School in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Locating the school proves to be quite a challenge. Everyone, except the Fogals and the Air Force team, follow the Southie Boys who are natives of Boston. The six teams unite in an effort to fogal the Fogals and at the same time try to ace out the Flying Aces, the Air Force team who lead the race with regularity.

Despite the Southie Boys native status, the Air Force team is the first to find the school. Inside, the clue "Look until you can see no more" leads them to each of the classrooms where they discover chalkboards filled with facts and figures from the American Revolution. In their haste, The Air Force team o­nly uses the information at face value and fails to find the underlying clues.

Meanwhile, the Geniuses continue to fogal the Fogals who are heading in the wrong direction and the rest of the teams show up at the school. It's the Hanlon son who first turns out the lights o­n the chalkboard to reveal two fluorescing messages. Upon this discovery, the teams receive a call that instructs them to pair up with another team.

The Ex-CIA, the Hanlons and the Southie Boys head to the Wentworth House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire while The Browns, Miss USA and the Geniuses head to the Old New Gate Prison. In both locations, the teams are looking for hollowed bullets used by the minutemen in the American Revolution to conceal messages. Upon finding o­ne half in each destination, the combination of the messages will reveal the next clue.

The Air Force team returns to the school and eventually finds the fluorescent message. They then realize that the other six teams are working together to force them out. Aggravated over this discovery, the Air Force forms an unlikely alliance with the Fogals.

The Air Force team tips off the Fogals o­n the location of the prison, and without even having to search the school in Boston, the Fogals are the first to arrive at the prison beating out the Browns, Miss USA and the Genius teams.

Upon decoding the combined messages, the Air Force is the first to head to the Old North Church and figure out that the Boston Light is their next destination. Tensions quickly rise between the Southie Boys and the Air Force as the latter team takes personal offense at the new alliances.

The Southie Boys take the lead and arrive at the Pemberton Pier, the departure point for the Boston Lighthouse ferry. Each team retrieves a ticket for the ferry that leaves the next morning. The last to arrive is the Brown family who are clearly tired of bringing up the rear.

During the evening retreat, several teams form alliances for the next mornings ferry ride to the Lighthouse. In fact, the o­nly teams to not join up for the boat ride is the Hanlons, who refuse to bring the Browns aboard.

The Boston Lighthouse is the location of the end of the American Revolution and as well, the end of the hunt for the Hanlon Team. Though not the last to arrive, they were unable to decipher the Roman numerals located o­n the ground around the The funniest part of episode 3 comes when "mullet Hanlon" crawls up under the backside of o­ne of the Brown family. Seems the Hanlons did not want to team up for the ferry, but figured it would be all right to catch a glimpse of the Browns number combination from down under. In the end, it was not enough to keep them in the game. Mullet Hanlon concludes that the treasure hunt taught him a very important lesson. "It teaches you who are and who you should be." I think we all can agree that's o­ne lesson we hope is not lost.

About the Author:

Treasure Hunters Episode Recaps by Lexy Walker. Ms. Walker is a freelance writer and moderator for
TreasureHuntersQuest.com, a community forum for the new reality-TV show Treasure Hunters.


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