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Treasure Hunters Episode 2 Recap - We've Been Fogaled!

Posted on 06/27/2006 by RealityWanted in Treasure Hunters

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By Lexy Walker

It's early in the season to be declaring the Fogal family, o­ne of the nine remaining Treasure Hunters teams, hypocrites.  However, it's pretty difficult not to think this family has fallen halos after watching their antics.

Webster defines hypocrisy as the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that o­ne does not hold or possess.  Pastor Fogal and his paltry crew have touted their supposed faith and religious beliefs while stealing, double-dealing and deceiving.  In episode o­ne, we saw how the Fogals betrayed their counterparts seemingly at every chance they got.  Episode two is no different.
Episode two opens with the teams seeking to match the right key to their new trucks in a mad-dash for the Lexington Mine, Montana.  The first challenge is over nine hours away.  Team Air Force is the first to arrive at the mine.
Deep within the mine, a snake-infested pit contains the first clue, "Bend the Light."  Matt, from the Air Force is the first to crack the clue and fills the bucket with water, to refract/bend the light and reveal the next clue...Wood Bottom, Missouri River, Montana.
The Southie Boys, Wild Hanlons and Brown family are the last to enter the mine.  The Southie Boys and the Browns form an alliance while the Wild Hanlons get lost in the mine for over 11 hours!
At Wood Bottom Campsite o­n the Missouri River, the Air Force team is again the first to arrive.  They receive a call telling them they must wait until dawn to proceed.  This puts them even with the rest of the teams despite their significant lead up to this point. 
In the morning the teams depart for a 20-mile canoe ride down the Missouri river following the path of Lewis and Clark.  They are looking for a clue 40 paces directly behind the 14th star located o­n the banks of the river.
Again, the Air Force team leads the pack.  It's o­n this stretch of the competition that the true colors of the Fogals appear when they jump into second place by tricking the Ex-CIA and Southie Boys who carried their canoe over 9 miles.  The Air Force team is the first to discover the key to Lewis and Clark's secret code, in addition to pages from Lewis's journal that gives them their next destination.
The gals of the Grad Students exhibit true teamwork when Jessica injures her knee while portaging their canoe.  The two teammates carry Jessica alternating with their canoe in an effort to continue the competition despite the odds against them.  The team pulls together to show excellent workmanship and surprising grit in the face of despair.
Meanwhile, the teams are now o­n their way to Tower Rock State Park, Montana with the Air Force o­nce again in the lead.  Tower Rock is the location of the next artifact they will need to find the treasure.  The artifact, a compass, is found by all except the Brown family.  The Brown family is the next team to be eliminated from the hunt.  The Brown family was not eliminated due to their physical limitations, but their lack of ability to decipher the Lewis and Clark Code.  The Wild Hanlons continue to amaze all by going to get burgers before recovering their compass.
About the Author:
Treasure Hunters Episode Recaps by Lexy Walker.  Ms. Walker is a freelance writer and moderator for
TreasureHuntersQuest.com, a community forum for the new reality-TV show Treasure Hunters.



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