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I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 11, Girl Power

Posted on 04/14/2009 by Jackie in I Love Money

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I Love Money 2

By Jackie Helm


With the dismissal of Buckwild last week, the big bad bullying alliance has 3 lone members left (Saaphyri, 20-Pack and Frenchie).  Saaphyri began her first of many attempts to start a female alliance with the remaining women in the house.  She apparently realized that she had to get some new friends or at least into an alliance that contained substance.  She approached Myammee by seriously swinging down low.  But Myammee really wasn’t feelin’ it.  The convo went from Saaphyri playing it sweet to both girls talking major ish!
The underdog alliance containing Myammee, Prancer, Ice, It’, and Tailor Made are still strong…but they’re starting to have conflicting opinions.  Most of them want Saaphyri to leave, but It’ found himself defending her due to them being cuddy buddies.
Craig ordered the crew into bathing suits for the next challenge titled, “Loud Mouth”.  The competition meant that the players (2 at a time) had to yell (without pausing) into a microphone and keep their volume over 100 decibels.  If their voice trailed below 100, a trap door opened and the player fell into the ocean.  The person with the shortest time became the dead last loser and automatically became 1 of 3 people up for elimination.  Each winner competed against each other in a 2nd round and the final round crowned the Paymaster.  Due to being willing to die before getting her weave wet, Myammee won the entire challenge.
Alcohol flows freely in the I Love Money house and Tailor Made makes a funny drunk.  He was feeling flustered and a little out of control.  Last week, he made a pact with 20-Pack.  Tailor Made guaranteed that his alliance would keep 20 as long as 20 sent Buckwild home.  Although 20 kept his word, Tailor Made doesn’t think that Myammee (as the new Paymaster) was down with the original agreement.  He feared that in the end of the game, 20-Pack will be a part of the jury who votes for the winner.  Tailor Made doesn’t want 20-Pack to think he lied due to Myammee not sticking with the plan of saving him.  So, Tailor stuttered and slobbered telling 20-Pack that he is safe BUT make sure he fights for his rights at the Power Outing with Myammee.
In other news, Myammee, Ice and Prancer formed the “Pretty Girl Alliance” as a new game plan outside of Tailor Made’s ruling.
Craig met the house members in the vault and before the voting popped off, Saaphyri made another attempt to convince the girls to go against the guys.  Nobody was feeling it so the voting ensued.  Sure enough, the last two members of 20-Pack’s alliance (Saaphyri and Frenchie) were voted to be up for elimination by the Paymaster Myammee.  Frenchie didn’t put up a fight but of course Saaphyri did – she tried to quit the game!  Saaphyri said that she was quitting so that she could show the people at home that the voting process is $#@%& and there is no chance of winning once you get in the vault?  What a poor sport.  When Craig asked her to confirm her forfeit of the game Saaphyri asked It’ whether or not she should quit.  It’ replied, “You never know she might send Frenchie home…you got project girls that love you…that wanna get some weaves and make some lip gloss…but they’ll think it’s too hard and quit…and get pregnant by a drug dealer instead of looking up to you…”!!!  That was just the pep talk she needed and Saaphyri decided to stay. 
During the Power Outing, Paymaster Myammee cross examined Saaphyri, 20-Pack and Frenchie and I really could not tell who she was leaning toward sending home.  My money was on Saaphyri due to all their hatin’ female fussing with one another.
At Eliminations, Myammee loved having the last 3 of her opposing alliance in front of her.  She saved Frenchie first.  But then I became stumped.  Myammee asked 20-Pack to approach her.  She said something about 20 making an alliance with her alliance last week so she couldn’t go against her alliance…but she then claimed once she got back from the Power Outing that her alliance didn’t want 20 to stay and she couldn’t go against her alliance.  Huh, derrr, what???  Myammee voided 20-Packs check!  Even worse this meant she kept her arch rival Saaphyri in the game!  How could this be?



Saaphyri ungraciously and arrogantly approached Myammee with all attitude!  Myammee said she would still beat, kill, murder Saaphyri in the game.  Saaphyri was like “we’ll see”.  Myammee began to explain why she kept Saaphyri but she just snatched her check out of Craig’s hand!  Craig even tried to tell Saaphyri to HOLD UP…follow protocol of the game…at least respect the host…something!  But Saaphyri overpowered Craig and trotted off with her check in hand.
I’m not sure what Myammee was thinking.  She apparently wanted to break free from Tailor Made’s reign of their alliance and do her own thing.  I still think she would have been safer in the end to keep 20-Pack.  Maybe Saaphyri was a part of the “Pretty Girl Alliance” and we didn’t see that part.  Beats me, but it’s getting cut throat!
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