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Dancing With The Stars ~ Season 8 Episode 4 ~ Samba and Foxtrot Recap

Posted on 03/23/2009 by Mary in Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing with The Stars


By Mary Cavaliere

This week’s dances were the Samba and the Foxtrot, both of which can prove to be lethal for those that lack rhythm. Here are my thoughts on tonight’s performances:

Chuck & Julianne ~ Chuck did much better this week and showed us his class and elegance in this week’s Foxtrot. Judges Score = 23

Holly & Dmitry ~ In the Broadway Show Chorus Line there is a song called Dance 10 Looks 3. That’s all I could think about while watching this Samba, only reversed (Dance 3 Looks 10). Judges Score = 17

Steve-O & Lacey ~ Steve’s Foxtrot had some good moments in it but his lack of rehearsal also showed. Judges Score = 15

Lawrence & Edyta ~ Lawrence did another great job this week with the Samba, although I did feel that Edyta overshadowed him at times. Judges Score = 20

Shawn & Mark ~ This couple danced a Foxtrot that was truly the first solid dance of the night. It was very elegant and classy. Judges score = 27

Gilles & Cheryl ~ This couple is a killer combo. You’ve got Gilles who not only can dance but looks about as hot as any guy can look, and then you’ve got Cheryl who always does a brilliant job with the choreography to bring out the best in her partner. I thought the judges were a little off because in my opinion they deserved a perfect 30. Judges Score = 27

David & Kym ~ David and Kym danced the Foxtrot this week, and I thought it was slick and entertaining. I agreed with one of the judges because David reminded me of Ben Vereen as well. Judges Score = 24

Steve & Karina ~ I will agree with the judges that this wasn’t the best Samba we’ve ever seen, but I thought they seemed exceptionally irritated and mean tonight, and I don’t understand why. So what it’s week three? How many weeks did we sit and watch Jerry Springer and Cloris Leachman who stayed on the show way longer than they should have? I give Steve kudos for his positive attitude and his willingness to be a trooper in spite of his injuries. Judges score = 10

Melissa & Tony ~ This is the other killer combo in this dance competition. Melissa looked stunning as usual, and she is absolutely fabulous as a dancer. I have no clue what Carrie Ann was talking about because she lacks nothing! Tony’s choreography for this Foxtrot was fresh and exciting. These two are dancing their way to the finals, that is for sure! Judges Score = 27

Lil’ Kim & Derek ~ Tonight’s Samba was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the judges did. I found myself watching Derek instead. Judges Score = 25

Ty & Chelsie ~ I agree with the judges. Ty is the most improved dancer to date, and the way he handled Chelsie’s fall was commendable.  Judges Score = 23

Denise & Maks ~ It was one of the worst Sambas I’ve ever watched. When it comes to looks and beauty Denise is an 11 but when it comes to dancing she’s a 4. Judges Score = 16

Scoring at the top of the leader board with a three-way tie is Gilles & Cheryl (27), Melissa & Tony (27), and Shawn & Mark (27).   The couples at risk are no surprise to anyone I’m sure: Steve & Karina (10), Steve & Lacey (15), and Denise & Maks (16).  My favorites for the night were the same as the last two weeks……Melissa & Tony and Gilles & Cheryl.


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(Photo courtesy of ABC)


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