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The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 7 Burning Questions

Posted on 02/19/2009 by Gina in Real World

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On this week’s episode of The Real World: Brooklyn, the boys of the house banded together to teach Devyn a lesson after they found out that she was stringing along two clueless men.  JD purchased a rat, which they hid in her bed.  Devyn was oblivious to the fact that it was a prank until her mother and a few of the girls pointed out that a white rat is found in a pet store and not a New York sewer.  None of the guys seem to have much remorse for the joke and for this week’s burning question, we asked Chet to give us his side of the rat story.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Alright, tell us your side of the rat prank.  Looking back on it, do you feel bad about it and what motivated you to get so involved?

A. Chet: Oh, blessed rat. How art thou so adventurous? The rat prank…..AMAZING. Like I said, this was a two for one deal. 1 rat, 2 pranks. It doesn’t get much better. The truth is, it took the girls much longer than a day to figure out that the strategically placed, pristine white rat in Devyn and Sarah’s beds was actually purchased from a pet store… Shocking, I know. We were all very pleased with the outcome, Ryan and I especially, because of the blame placed on JD and Scott. We shot, we scored.


Here’s the deal…aside from looking like a skinnier, more heterosexual virgin of Clay Aiken, David (Devyn’s David) is a pretty OK guy. Devyn, for reasons unknown, felt that she could justify leading two guys on. That really didn’t sit well with any of the gentlemen inside the house. Having been born of the phallus order, we felt the obligation to enlighten David to the error of Devyn’s ways. After deliberation, Devyn did come clean. Vulnerable David was left heartbroken. It was for the best. Bro Code supersedes keeping Devyn’s secret.


P.S.  It’s easier to get into Heaven than it is to Devyn? Hmmm…is it now? After David came to stay, I realized we’re ALL going to Heaven!



Stay tuned to RealityWanted for more answers to our burning questions, each week after The Real World: Brookln.  New episodes of The Real World: Brooklyn air Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on MTV.


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