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The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 02/18/2009 by Gina in Real World

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On The Real World: Brooklyn, it may seem like a sweet deal to live in a beautiful apartment with a fantastic view but not everything is always as it seems.  The house has a mouse problem and the girls (and JD) can't seem to handle it.  They climb up on counters and beds, screaming while the boys sit laughing at their ridiculous reactions.  While JD may have been freaked out by a tiny mouse, he was much more comfortable around a giant, white rat at the pet store.  You see, Devyn has been playing two men at the same time and JD and Chet think it's high time somebody teach her a lesson.


In one corner, we've got David, a club promoter who throws money at Devyn and doesn't seem to see that she doesn't return his feelings.  In the other, there's Jim, a guy that Devyn dated before coming to New York.  Devyn says she's "kind of" engaged to David.  He proposed but she said no and it seems that the ring he gave her is more of a promise ring.  Promise of what, I'm not sure since she seems to have zero intention of settling down with him but a promise ring nonetheless.


The boys sneak into Devyn's room late one night and place the rat in her bed.  She goes running into Scott's room, begging him to get it out of there but he hides his smile into his pillow.  Unsatisfied with their prank, Ryan decides a few nights later to do the same thing to Sarah.  While the boys are having a ton of fun torturing the girls, the girls are busy trying to figure out what a white rat would be doing in their apartment.  Baya points out that mice and rats do not cohabitate and Devyn's mom says that New York sewer rats are brown or grey, not white.  White rats are found at the pet store.


Feeling that JD and Scott are the only two behind it, the girls go in search of evidence that they planted the rat in their bedrooms.  Katelynn discovers the cage in the gym, proving that the boys were behind yet another prank.  JD returns the rat to the pet store, feeling that he got everything he could out of it.  When he returns home, though, he will most certainly be faced with yet another confrontation by the girls.



New episodes of The Real World: Brooklyn air Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on MTV.


(Image courtesy of MTV)


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