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The Biggest Loser: Couples - Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 01/21/2009 by RealityWanted

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by Gina Scarpa
On this week's episode of The Biggest Loser, the players were faced with the harsh reality that they would have eliminate people they care about and send them home.  Many were upset that Jerry was the one to leave last week instead of Joelle, who has yet to form a solid relationship with any of her fellow competitors.  Meanwhile, the players back at home are dealing with life without a trainer and without the healthy eating options on a day to day basis.  It seems they have to work twice as hard as the players still in the game to keep the weight off and stay motivated.
Speaking of temptation, at this week's temptation challenge, the players were brought into a room full of unhealthy, fatty foods, such as tacos, pizza, and cupcakes.  Each player would be given five minutes alone in the room to eat as much (or as little) as they want.  Their partners at home would do the same but the results would be revealed once everyone had taken a turn.  The winner would get to take their trainer and go home to work out with their partner.  Most passed on eating but Mandi couldn't help but a slice of pizza because she desperately missed her children.  She was the only player in the game to eat, while at home players Sione and Carla chose to give in to temptation.  Carla at the most because she wanted Joelle and Bob to come to her in Detroit and the silver team won the challenge.
The at home workout session did not go very smoothly, as Carla was upset to hear that Joelle was unmotivated and difficult.  She and Joelle end up getting into several heated conversations, in which Carla accuses Joelle of ruining her chance at a healthy life and Joelle shutting down.  Bob mediates the fight and eventually gets the two to calm down and focus on what's important, which is working out and losing weight.  Back at the ranch, Blaine and Ron visit Dr. Huizenga and are both happy to learn that they do not need their medications anymore due to their obesity.  In total, eliminating their medication will save each of them almost a quarter of a million dollars in their lifetime.
In this week's challenge, the players had to jump over a giant, rotating beam.  If they broke the beam, they were out and the winner would receive immunity.  Joelle went out on the first rotation and Ron, Dan, Helen, and Damien quickly went out as well.  More than two hours later, only Kristin and Tara remained.  Tara ended up winning immunity yet again and it seems that her chances to bring back her partner Laura are looking good.
At the last chance workout, Bob makes up for lost time and pushes his team extra hard since he was away most of the week in Detroit.  Here are the numbers from tonight's weigh-in:

    * Tara: 8 pounds (immunity)
    * Helen: 6 pounds (2.53%)
    * Mandi: 8 pounds (3.27%)
    * Joelle: 6 pounds (2.04%)
    * Filipe: 14 pounds (4.14%)
    * Mike and Ron: 11 + 9 = 20 pounds (2.68%)
    * Blaine and Dane: 12 + 18 = 30 pounds (4.21%)
    * Damien: 4 pounds (1.13%)
    * Daniel: 15 pounds (3.56%)
    * Kristin: 7 pounds (2.11%)

This week, Joelle and Damien end up in the bottom two.  The obvious choice seems to eliminate Joelle and Bob's team seems dead set on doing so, especially when Joelle can't even tell Tara that she wants to stay in the house.  In a surprising elimnation, the players decide to send Damien home instead.  Since leaving the game, Damien has lost 74 pounds, while his fiance, Nicole, has lost 76 pounds.
Stay tuned this week for Damien and Nicole's exclusive interview with RealityWanted.com
(Image courtesy of NBC)


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