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Interview with Anya Rozova from Americas Next Top Model Cycle 10

Posted on 05/16/2008 by RealityWanted in Americas Next Top Model and Cast Interviews

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Anya Americas Next Top Model

Today we participated in a conference call for Americas Next Top Model where Anya Rozova, a 19 year old from Honolulu, Hawaii was the 1st runner up in the 10th cycle. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. How did you end up on the show?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I have been a huge fan since the first episode. I have always wanted to be on the show, so I tried out.

Q. Were you worried about the other competition or not making it to the finals?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I expected to live everyday as it came to me. I tried to focus on what was going on now. I was sure of myself and did my best.

Q. Why do you think you were a good choice to be Americas Next Top Model?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): My sincerity. I am a good inspiration to America. I have a kind heart and make a good model. The experience was amazing and I had so much fun. I was so proud of how far I made it.

Q. Did you think you were going to make it as far as you did? How did you feel when they called Whitney’s name?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I was so shocked when they announced the final two. I was excited to be standing next to Whitney.

Q. Do you think your accent might have hurt you on the show?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I need to work on it. It is who I am, it is my culture and background. I need to work on it more if I want to make it in this industry.

Q. Would you change anything different if you had to do it all over?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I brought my best cause I didn’t want to have any regrets. It is about doing good and having a personality so you can work with people.

Q. What are you up to now?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I am 100% going to move to New York. It is amazing there and I am going to pursue modeling.

Q. Do you think Whitney deserved to win?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): Me and Whitney represented both parts of the modeling industry. She won cause they were looking for a plus sized model.

Q. Any girls you plan to stay in touch with?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I plan on staying in touch with Whitney, Fatima and I hope to keep in touch with everyone else too.

Q. What advice would you offer future applicants of the show?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): Just be yourself. Go into the competition as you are and just be yourself.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

A. Anya, (Americas Next Top Model): I am so grateful that I made it this far and thanks to all of my fans. Also check me out at www.AnyaRozova.com

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