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Any City National
A MAJOR television network is currently casting private investigators for their second season of a returning series. Do you have experience working on infidelity cases and tracking down people who are…
Start: 06/21/2022 End: 08/22/2022

New Court Show

Philadelphia CT, NJ, PA
Looking for charismatic people for a money dispute show on major network. Do you currently have a case in small claims court or are considering one? Did someone not repay a loan? Lose your pet? Steal?…
Start: 06/28/2022 End: 10/30/2022

Are you thinking of DROPPING OUT of college to pursue your business idea???

Any City National
Now Casting: Future College Drop Outs Are you planning to DROP OUT of school in the next couple of months to start your own business? A major television streaming service is now casting people who are…
Start: 06/27/2022 End: 09/17/2022


Any City National
* Are you part of an extremely competitive and successful sport and/or team?  * Do you have a rival team or entity that makes you practice ten times harder? * Are you and your teammates among the…
Start: 01/26/2022 End: 01/26/2023


Los Angeles CA
Know anybody in a platonic marriage/partnership? Looking to start a relationship like that yourself? We’re looking for YOU! I work for a TV production company in LA who works with major networks…
Start: 01/23/2022 End: 11/23/2022

Long Distance Dating Show (TBD Title)

New York National
Hello! We are a large-scale, NYC-based production company and we're looking for very specific stories for a new reality series currently in-development. Facebook is an amazing resource to find diverse…
Start: 10/11/2021 End: 11/11/2022


Any City National
NATIONWIDE CASTING $$$$ -- Are you an EXPERT Catfish?! Ready to let the world know who you really are? MTV's Catfish: The TV Show is NOW CASTING! We want your story to be seen and heard! APPLY TODAY!
Start: 12/18/2020 End: 12/31/2022

NOW CASTING: Couples with pet problems! Do you and your significant other FIGHT about your PETS?!

Any City National
Does your pet hate your significant other?  Do you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend loves their PET more than YOU?  Are your pets causing relationship problems? We want to hear your story!…
Start: 03/31/2010 End: 11/30/-0001

Now Casting Moms!

Los Angeles Area CA
The producers of “The Biggest Loser” and “The Office” are currently looking for outgoing Moms who deserve a healthy living makeover.Are you so busy with family life that you find…
Start: 01/29/2010 End: 11/30/-0001

Are you (or someone you know) divorcing or recently divorced? Now Casting

Los Angeles, CA CA
Are you, or someone close to you recently divorced, or currently going through a divorce? Are you looking to pull together and  improve your situation by moving forward? What kind of emotional toll…
Start: 07/06/2009 End: 11/30/-0001

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