Are you (or someone you know) divorcing or recently divorced? Now Casting

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Posted On:07/06/2009  
Closing On:11/30/1999
Company:Escalate TV

Casting Call Information

City: Los Angeles, CA

State: CA

Are you, or someone close to you recently divorced, or currently going through a divorce? Are you looking to pull together and  improve your situation by moving forward? What kind of emotional toll is the breakup of your marriage taking on your home, work, and social life? Do you feel like people in your life - friends, family members - must take sides in your marital war? If divorce is affecting your life right now, we want to hear from you. 


Is someone you know going through a divorce? Are you in the middle and acting like a mediator? Would you like to get them help, so they can communicate better? Is their breakup affecting your ability to remain friends with both parties?

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