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Biggest Loser - half way there

Posted on 11/14/2014 by Ajay in The Biggest Loser and General News

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It's half way through this season of the Biggest Loser and I have to admit this episode was a little sleepy. I have been hoping for some really awesome challenges this season but am yet to see anything I'm really impressed with. Gone are the days where they have to drag trucks and planes or run a triathlon….and I miss them. There was a time when the challenges were exciting and filled with cliffhangers of what happens next. 


So Damien goes to Comeback Canyon and now competes with Jackie to stay in the competition and there is just no way he is gong to lose that weigh in. So no jeopardy there.


Then we have new teams because Jesse only had one player left and Jen had five so it made challenges and weigh in ridiculous. So it s a team swap and this time it's chance not choice, based on whatever kettle bell they choose.


Poor Sonya has a freakout about leaving Jen and therefore the producers make her go first, with the greatest amount of possibility for change. One thing about reality TV is never be that person who says, "I absolutely cannot and will not do blah blah (insert fear here)" because that will almost always guarantee you are that person who will have to go through that. It's no coincidence that the person most attached to their hair in America's Next top Model is always the one who gets their hair cut off. It's good tv. No-one wants a love in.


So the teams break up and Jesse finally has a fighting chance with three of the biggest losers in the show. JJ, Jordan and Woody call themselves the Tros Amigos (please excuse if that's not how it's spelled - I'm an aussie)and Woody says he will be the guardian of "the sausage" meaning he will not be standing guard at their door at night to prevent visits form the ladies but will be monitoring everything that goes on their plates because that is definitely where the competition is won - in the kitchen.


And so this week's challenge is exactly where that is. In the kitchen. The teams play for a one pound advantage and celebrity chef Rocco De Spirito is their judge.


Blue and White teams feel comfortable but poor Rob, one of only two members to stay on his original team of red, has no idea what he is doing in the kitchen barely able to tell a tomato from a bell pepper, and making the fatal error of putting an entire jalapeño (seeds as well) in their healthy version of a turkey burger. Rocco called it inedible and so it was down to white and blue and their extremely awesome dishes of egg white fritatta and egg white omelette all  accompanied by the product placement of the night - Jennie O turkey bacon.


And the winner came down to a carb/protein ration. White team had a 1:1 ratio where Blue team had a 2:2 meaning they had double the amount of carbohydrate to protein - a definite no no when it comes to extreme/rapid weight loss competitions. So white team win the 1 pound advantage and again Jen seems like she is on top of this game.


But when it comes to weigh in, it's obvious that having some of the lightest players in the game is not an advantage. Scott pulls his usual awesome number of 9 pounds lost but Lori gets 4 and Rondalee a 3 and those numbers just don't cut it at this stage of the competition.


Red team do really well with Sonya, despite her freak out getting a 6, Rob getting an 8 and Tomas pulling 9 pounds. Change is good for these people.


Blue team, the three amigos start with JJ who gets a solid 8 but Jordan gets a shocking 2 and there is a huge amount of pressure on Woody to get 8 pounds to keep them safe and then pulls an astounding 15 pounds. Blue are safe and with the red line deciding who goes home it is hen's first casualty of Rondalee heading to Comeback Canyon.


Speaking of which it's no surprise that Jackie is beaten by Damien who I believe will now stay at Comeback Canyon until someone like Scott ends up there. Jackie leaves the competition for good and the show teases that someone puts on a pound next week…….that was the most exciting part of the show this week.


Biggest Loser airs Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC. 


Check out our eliminated contestant call with Jackie out later today.


Biggest Loser is casting now for the next season…...



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